How I Build My Portfolio As A Dividend Growth Investor (Podcast With Mike Nadel)

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Mike Nadel is a dividend growth investor who, by my calculation, has one of the most engaged audiences on Seeking Alpha.

We discuss how to be a successful dividend growth investor and how his approach differs from most.

Mike shares details regarding what tools he uses to identify potential investments and how he goes about researching those companies.

He also shares how he attempts to gauge a company's valuation to help him determine whether it's a good time to buy or if patience is needed.

Mike Nadel is a dividend growth investor who, by my calculation, has one of the most engaged audiences on Seeking Alpha. In addition, the great majority of his articles end up as Editor's Picks.

Mike will be the first to acknowledge that he is not a professional investor but instead a professional writer who is learning to invest. I encourage you go look him up and give his work consideration.

Mike is a conservative investor in the financial markets (SPY, DIA). He's not a trader or speculator. He likes to describe his approach as being marked by discipline and common sense.

In this interview, Mike goes in depth to explain his personal approach to dividend growth investing. We get into lots of detail including:

  • Personal yield goals
  • Growth goals
  • Position sizing
  • Portfolio construction
  • Research process, and even how he determines his buy prices.

I hope you enjoy the interview.

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Final Thought

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I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did. I look forward to your thoughts and comments below.

- Brian

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