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  • Livestreaming is a trend that will grow in popularity over time.
  • Facebook Live and Periscope are on top now, but YouTube Connect will make a splash when it's launched in a few weeks.
  • has rocketed to the top of the App Store springing off the success of
  • I'll examine to see if it can compete with Periscope.

The livestreaming space is rapidly changing as no company has been able to dominate it yet as it is in its nascent stage. It's difficult to determine how it will play out. Will one company dominate the space or will there be a few popular ones? With linear TV various cable and satellite providers all carry networks? If a company has a popular livestream and it is easy to put it on a few platforms, then why not? Another scenario would be it being like internet video which is dominated by YouTube (GOOG) (GOOGL). There has been recent growth on Facebook (FB), but that's still from an established large player opposed to a new startup that would have no shot at competing with YouTube.

With livestreaming there is an opening, so there is the possibility of YouTube or Facebook dominating new space or a new player coming into the fold. New firms have a greater incentive to innovate. They have to have a better product then what established players have or they will go bust.

The biggest players in the space are probably Periscope (TWTR) and Facebook live, but they don't own the industry by any means. The whale that is YouTube hasn't released its new version called YouTube Connect, which takes aim at livestreaming. I will have an article on it when it is released, but until then we just have to assume it will probably make a splash. Snapchat (CHAT) is another app that should release a product into this space since it already has video calling and is a social video app.

The newest entrant into this space is an app called, which is made by the same people who made the It's amazing how quickly the social space changes. The companies who combine a viral appeal with

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