Apple Watch Isn't 'All That' After All

Includes: AAPL
by: Cheddar TV


Smart watches may be headed for extinction as early as 2018, including Apple Watch.

Apple Watch shipments were down 55% in Q2, according to IDC.

Cheddar says smart watches aren't practical for the masses.

Citing Seth Golden's July 25th Seeking Alpha piece, "Apple's Smartwatch And The Smartwatch Category Facing Retail Discontinuation by 2018", Cheddar TV corroborated projections of a bleak future for those fancy gadgets you see everywhere on techies' wrists these days. The problem? Just that - smart watches are being mostly adopted by the tech-savvy, and are largely impractical for the rest of society. Most people would rather just carry and use a smartphone, Cheddar says. It just makes more sense, both from a practical and privacy standpoint. Unless you're James Bond, of course.

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