July 2016 Dividend Income

by: Investment Hunting

Here we go again. Another monthly dividend income update. My July dividend income was a new record for the month of July. However, it's lower than I had planned on it being when I set my annual goals earlier this year. This is entirely my fault and I'm fine with it. Since March, markets have been on fire. While this is fantastic for my portfolio and net worth, it's not ideal for stock accumulation. I haven't made as many new stock purchases as planned. In fact, this past month is the first month that I haven't bought stock in almost 3 years. Instead, I've saved the money I would've invested into my brokerage account. I've also been selling more options. Markets have been bumpy the past few days, if declines continue, maybe I'll buy some stocks. But if not, I'm happy to hold and wait for better opportunities.

July Dividend Income

This past month, my dividend income came in just under $500, at $499.85. My total 2016 dividend income earned is $3,881.20. My new run rate for 2016 total dividends earned is $6,653. It's clear to me that I will not reach my goal of $7,500 in 2016 dividend income. This is fine, because it's by design. I just don't want to buy stocks when they're trading at inflated prices, only to hit a goal. This makes no sense to me. What do make sense is what I'm doing instead; accumulating cash and selling options.

July dividend income came from 10 stocks in my portfolio. My average dividend per company was $49.99. The largest payouts came from Starwood Property Trust (NYSE:STWD) and Philip Morris (NYSE:PM).

July dividend income was as follows:

July Dividend Income 2016 - Stocks Include - BNS, CSCO, DLNG, DPS, GE, MAIN, MO, O, PM, STWD

July Dividend Income Year Over Year

The chart below tracks my monthly dividends earned on a year-over-year basis. 2014 numbers are in blue. 2015 numbers are in red. 2016 numbers are orange. As shown, my July dividend income did increase year over year, but at a slower pace.

The chart below is a different view of my dividend income year over year. It's a good visual of my dividend growth journey. As shown, I fell just short, $3.91 away from passing my 2015 dividend income. I'm really excited that I will pass my 2015 dividend income total in 8 months. Over the past 3 years, my July dividend income has gone up from $52.14 to $499.85.

July Dividend Income 2016 - Monthly Dividend Income Compared Annually

Overall Income

Last month, I started actively selling options again. Also, last month, I decided to add overall income to my monthly dividend income updates. Overall income is options income combined with dividend income. In June, my overall income was $1,285.81. In July, my overall income was $1,507.42.

What was your July dividend income? Was your income solely from dividends or other sources?