Trump Folds? Final Failure After Labor Day

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Trump Taj Mahal closing next month.

Depomed faces new management.

Boosting returns with sign-up bonuses.

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I'm fired?

According to the prediction markets, Donald Trump has around a 28% chance of winning the 2016 U.S. presidential election this fall. That is substantially better than the odds of making money investing in any one of his public ventures through the years. Trump Entertainment Resorts (OTC:TRMYQ) has hit a rough patch.

The Trump Taj Mahal will close next month. Management blames its workers, 3,000 of whom are losing their jobs, for its failure. Many of these workers face hardship due to complicated immigration statuses.

Not what people playing slots in Atlantic City actually look like

Following the shuttering of the casino, it will probably be demolished. It is unclear what the collateral damage will be to the surrounding economy. In summary, fall plans for Trump include:

  1. Abject failure
  2. Economic collapse
  3. Blaming others in defeat
  4. Smoking hole in the ground

Thomas Pippett built the Trump Taj Mahal specifically for the tastes of Donald Trump. At the opening, he credited Trump saying:

It is the Eighth Wonder of the World because we have rolled a classical building into a gaming hall. There's no other like it in the world. He's as great a man in our time as the builder of the original Taj, or the pyramids - like him or not.

No one else could have done this but Donald Trump.

Trump added that:

This building is a winner, and it's going to be a shot in the arm for Atlantic City.


Depomed (NASDAQ:DEPO) CEO James Schoeneck briefly mentioned his battle with his shareholders on his earnings call:

As most of you are aware, during the quarter Starboard Value filed a 13D with the SEC indicating their position as a large holder of our common stock and disclosing their intent to gain control of the company.

We welcome open communication with Starboard as we do with all of our shareholders and we appreciate constructive input towards the goal of enhancing shareholder value.


Galenica (OTC:GNHAY) launched its tender offer for Relypsa (NASDAQ:RLYP). It expires on August 31.


The New York Department of Financial Services will hold a hearing on the Anthem (NYSE:ANTM) acquisition of Cigna (NYSE:CI). The arb spread is $43.67.


AB InBev (NYSE:BUD) announced the corporate structure after it closed its acquisition of SABMiller (OTCPK:SBMRY).


The preliminary S-4 has been filed for the AMSURG (NASDAQ:AMSG) acquisition of Envision (NYSE:EVHC).

Higher One

The Blackboard tender offer for Higher One (NYSE:ONE) expires today.


The ON (NASDAQ:ON) tender offer for Fairchild (FCS) expires today.

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