Help Us Improve Seeking Alpha: Become A Beta Tester

by: SA Eli Hoffmann


Want exclusive previews of new features?

Want to give feedback and make your voice heard?

Help us test and shape future features of Seeking Alpha.

Ever found yourself wishing, "I wish they had that piece of data," or, "this should be a keyboard shortcut!"? NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!

One of the lessons I have learned at Seeking Alpha is that our users understand our website better than we do.

In recent months, our product team has been very proactive in gathering feedback about how we can improve SA. This is particularly true when we test new features. Of course, we mine the data to see how users are reacting, but first-person free-form feedback, especially from hard core SA users, has helped us improve what we deliver, and shape future features.

Rather than continuing to do this anecdotally, we have now created a user group - The SA Beta User Group - to help us test new features and give us feedback on early versions of things we're developing.

We know your time is precious, so we're not going to bog you down with endless emails and tiny tweaks. And you can unsubscribe from the SA Beta User Group at any time. But if you have ever felt, "Boy I wish they had asked me my opinion before they did this," then now's your chance.

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