The Central Bank Everything Bubble

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  • As the central banks play their musical chair tune, we all have no choice but to play along.
  • Though, the music will have to stop at some point.
  • Just don't be the last one without a chair.

Today's marketplace is a peculiar one. When I look at the current market, I like to think that it is similar to the children's game of musical chairs. As long as the Fed and the other major central banks are playing their tune, everybody is happy to play along. In fact, I don't think investors have much of a choice. However, once the music stops, it is important to make sure that your aren't the only one left standing.

Perhaps I'm being a bit dramatic, but I think the major central banks are playing a dangerous game. Low interest rates and Quantitative Easing do not come without a cost. What that cost is, nobody knows for sure. But I suspect this debt, despite its form or who is issuing it, is just like any other type of debt. It is borrowing from the future. In the Fed's case, by creating record low interest rates, returns (stock returns, bond returns, etc.) are brought from the future and consumed today.

"Debt is future consumption brought forward. Once debt is incurred, consumption that might have happened in the future won't happen…We forget that debt used for consumption doesn't create new supply. It simply pulls supply forward in time. The problem is that debt can't do this forever. Pulling your consumption forward to the present means you will consume less later." - John Mauldin

Yes, returns since 2009 have been impressive. Chances are, if you've purchased an asset (of any type) within the past 5-7 years, you've done quite well. Stocks are at an all-time high. Bond yields have sank as their prices have rallied with stocks. Real property prices have rebounded.

When asset prices increase, investors assume they will continue to increase into perpetuity. It is natural to expect this. It is within our human nature

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