Pope Resources: An Attractive Buy And Hold With At Least 25% Upside

About: Pope Resources, A Delaware Limited Partnership (POPE), Includes: CTT, PCH, PCL, WY
by: Nicholas Bodnar
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Nicholas Bodnar
Nano-cap, micro-cap, Deep Value, contrarian

Pope Resources owns timberland and real estate in Pacific Northwest.

The assets it owns are attractive and likely to be understated. As time passes, the assets will continue to appreciate in value.

MLP structure, quality management team and attractive unit distributions are appealing for the long term.

Furthermore, real estate sales, clear-cutting and acquisitions will bolster the bottom line in the near term.

A sum-of-the-parts analysis implies for a 25% upside or a price target of $84/unit.

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Timberland is an interesting and appealing investment. The asset bodes well as an inflation hedge, biological growth increases the year-over-year value, and owners have