You Can (Still) Be A Stock Market Genius

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GE buys LM Wind Power.

Coke buys CCBA stake from AB InBev.

Will AB InBev turn around and buy Coke?

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You Can Be A Stock Market Genius

One of the books that most inspired my career has been Joel Greenblatt's You Can Be A Stock Market Genius. It is a simple book with a cheeky title, but it is worth buying, reading, and studying carefully. If you find, as I did, that some of the best market opportunities lie in the period immediately before, during, and following corporate transactions, you might also want to join Sifting the World, where we daily delve into such opportunities every day. Greenblatt's book was first published in 1997, but he focuses on types of event driven opportunities that are still beating the S&P 500 (NYSEARCA:SPY) today. M&A Daily offers just a taste of the current crop below…

General Electric

General Electric (NYSE:GE) is paying $1.5 billion to buy LM Wind Power from Doughty Hanson. The deal will probably close sometime in the first half of next year. GE is paying 8.3x 2016 eEBITDA.


Coke (NYSE:KO) is buying the 54% AB InBev (NYSE:BUD) stake in Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA). Eventually, AB InBev could work with Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A/BRK.B) to acquire Coke.


The definitive proxy has been filed for the acquisition of CST (NYSE:CST).

St. Jude

St. Jude (NYSE:STJ) warned patients that in rare cases, batteries on thousands of its implantable defibrillators can rapidly and unexpectedly deplete. This can leave patients vulnerable if they need a shock to restart their hearts. The premature battery depletion has been seen in fewer than 1% of devices. Two people died after their devices failed to work correctly due to the drained battery. 47 others reported dizziness or fainting. The $4.55 arb spread offers a 25% IRR if the deal closes this year. The More to come in future editions of M&A Daily

Done deal.

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