Outsider Trading: 10/13/16 - Wells Fargo Can Go Far Without Stumpf, Tesco Loses Unilever, Thoughts On Virtual Reality And Its Impact

Includes: GME, TSCO, UL, UN, WFC
by: Tusk Media


Dumped Dairy (6:11 - 8:28) Don’t cry over spilled milk.

Wells Fargo (8:28 - 10:10) The sacrificial Stumpf stagecoach.

Price Increases (10:10 - 12:13) The UK food feud.

Yemen (12:13 - 13:22) Houthi hostilities.

Video Games (13:25 - 23:00) Gaming out the VR space.

Andrew Hall and Ben Nye return with a discussion of milk dumping - 43m gallons dumped in the US through August in 2016. Ben remembers the Treasury wine destruction of 2013.

Next, they talk about the WSJ's leak that Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) CEO John Stumpf has been removed. They talk about what's next for the company that once said "together we'll go far." Together no longer includes Mr. Stumpf.

Tesco (NASDAQ:TSCO) and Unilever (NYSE:UN) have been feuding about price increases related to the decline in the British pound. The duo talk about a recent stock purchase and what they're doing in the market today.

The pair finish off by talking about the increasing hostilities in the Middle East and the implications of an increasingly hawkish trend.

Finally, portfolio analyst Matthew Krebsbach leads the guys in an episode of Krebs' Korner. Today, a discussion of what the launch of Playstation VR means for the video game space and GameStop (NYSE:GME) specifically.

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