Quarterly Round-Up of the Global Stock Market's Performance

by: Prieur du Plessis

Can money trees in fact grow to heaven? It is certainly beginning to look that way when considering global stock market returns.

World stock markets again delivered good returns in U.S. dollars for the quarter that ended 30 June 2007. The best performance came from the Peru Composite Index with an eye-popping capital appreciation of 31.8%, followed by the Brazil Bovespa Index with 26.0%, and the Philippines Index with 25.1%.

Philippines Composite Index

Last month’s leader, the Shanghai Composite Index, was in fourth position with a gain of 21.9% - still comfortably among the front runners.

Shanghai Stock Exchange Index

China and Brazil are still the best performers of the BRIC countries. India improved strongly from twentieth position to sixth position with a gain of 21.2%, but Russia remained the third-worst performer with a loss of 2.3%.

The following five stock market indices were the only ones to register declines for the three-month period:

Morocco -1.0%
Tokyo -1.1%
Russia -2.3%
Sri Lanka -6.7%
Jordan -7.8%

Russian Trading System

Pan-European stock markets (German DAX Index with +15.8%, French CAC 40 Index with +8.9% and the FTSE 100 with +4.1%) were a mixed basket, but the U.S. stock markets in general (Nasdaq 100 Index with +9.2%, Dow Jones Industrial Index with +8.5%, and the S&P 500 Index with +5.8%), were more consistent performers. However, the performance of the major Asian indices (Hang Seng Index with +10.0%, and the Nikkei 225 Index with +0.2%), was characterized by little consistency.

The following stock market rankings have improved considerably compared to the six-month rankings:


Three-month ranking Six-month ranking
Venezuela 9 46
Colombia 11 29
India 6 22
Hungary 16 32
Dow Jones Industrial 28 42

The stock market rankings that have taken a turn for the worse compared to the six-month rankings are:


Three-month ranking Six-month ranking
Morocco 48 7
Malaysia 29 10
Copenhagen 40 26
Turkey 22 8
Czech Republic 42 31

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Global stock market price movements

For some reason the following lyrics of Electric Light Orchestra’s classic, Living Thing, keep resounding in my head: “You took me, ooh, woah, higher and higher, baby. It’s a livin’ thing … “ The next line, just in case you have run out of analytical tools, is “It’s a terrible thing to lose … “