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GreenPirate profile picture
We can know some things for sure. Donald Trump won't be friendly to solar energy companies. He does not believe global climate change is real, so he will slash or destroy tax incentives to convert to solar, wind, geothermal.

That may or may not be a tragedy for the sector. Right now First Solar is explaining that it is reviewing its business practices for 2017. As I see it there is a big need to expand on the kind of solar systems I saw when I last visited Mass. There were solar arrays, big ones, along a state highway.

Great idea, wise land use. And we will see many more such great ideas in the coming years... if Trump fails.
The CFO said that the rate of growth of revenue will be down in 2017. Like the FBI letter regarding Clinton & her emails, this leaves more questions then answers. There is nothing in their projection that isn't vague & open to guessing.
They said this last quarter as well. They are trying to manage expectations from getting out of hand with so many recent quarters of beating.

Analysts already expected this and estimates for growth for 2017 are 35% as opposed to >50% this year.
clemmo profile picture
Why doesn't Facebook use Facebook (or Facebook live) for its conference calls?
advocate devil profile picture
Excellent question
loaded the truck
Pretty amazing reaction.
You have two levers with about a billion members each in Instagram and Whatsapp that have not been fully monetized. The price drop was a good reset for FB.
This is my friend an incredible opportunity to go shopping.
It can't get any better than this.
If you read there report it is obvious that FB will fly right back to $133.00++
How fast? sorry I don't know, but I do believe that buy the end of 2016 we could see FB stock price at a little over $140.00.
So YES its simply a great moment to buy.
Richard1423 profile picture
The conference call is not clear on the Ad growth coming in 2017.

" I also wanted to provide some brief comments on 2017. First on revenue, as I mentioned last quarter, we continue to expect that ad load will play a less significant factor driving revenue growth after mid-2017. Over the past few years, we have averaged about 50% revenue growth in advertising. Ad load has been one of the three primary factors fueling that growth. With a much smaller contribution from this important factor going forward, we expect to see ad revenue growth rates come down meaningfully." -Sheryl

It seems that FB is expecting more revenue from streams other than advertisements, not that the growth in this area has suddenly slowed. It also seems unclear.

This I believe is the cause for the sell off today. Am I wrong?
I am long FB
The question is how much will the revenue growth rate slow to.
kdoc1997 profile picture
I find it so interesting there's an international sell off as well as a NASDAQ drawdown pre-earnings. The numbers crush and yet market tanks based on what? Words from an insider. Is wehrner or zuckerberg trading international insider trading info prior to conference. Why the wet blanket on tremendous numbers? That's information they don't need to share. Everyone selling on their words gives them a chance to buy the pullback because they know the negative isn't the real story.
This is getting a bit tin-foil hatty: it would not be worthwhile for Wehner and Zuckerberg to do this when they likely have shares at much lower strike prices or just have shares (Zuckerberg). Risk vs. reward... can you imagine the scandal?

I actually think it was better for them to warn now rather than to have Wall Street get crazy with forward expectations -- the stock would tank if the next earnings call didn't meet heightened expectations, especially after the crazy growth they have shown.

This reset of expectations will be good for FB longer term. Personally, I blame James Comey -- the market was humming along until his letter last Friday. I'm only half-kidding. :)
sensible ,!
People like "eggheadflores" just take up space without relevance.
That comment doesn't make any sense
This company is a rip off
Garrrrrlic profile picture
^ This comment is stupid
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