New addition to the Resource Page ... The Utility Connection

by: Sandy Cohen

We have added a new website to our Resource Page, The Utility Connection.  This is the most unbelievably broad range of links on a single site that I have ever seen for the Utility Industry ... a MUST use resource, in my opinion.  See it below, and on our Resource page at: Resources at The Utility Stock Blog.

The Utility Connection

The Utility Connection Home Page

The Utility Connection Link Index

This website provides the absoluet best, and most comprehensive, set of links to the Electric, Gas, and Water Utility Industry that I have ever seen.  It seems to have nearly every link you could even dream of ... and I only discovered it just now, in July 2005.

Are you looking for the home pages of Electric, Gas or Water Utilities?  Its got them.  By State?  Its got them.  How about INTERNATIONAL Utilities ... alphabetical or by country?  Its got them.  Regulatory sites and resources?  Got them ... by State and topic.  Federal regulatory sites and resources?  Got them.  How about Propane, if utilities are not your thing?  Got them.  You like Municipal and Cooperative Utilities?  Got them.  You care about general energy and utility data and other resource links?  Got them.  How about Capital, Equity and Commodity Market indices, sites and links (including price hostory)?  Got them too.  Associations?  Got them.  Industry conferences?  Got them.  I think the only thing the site may NOT have, is THIS site linked ... but maybe I should take care of that.

The home page of The Utility Connection says:  "The Utility Connection provides links to 4,032 electric, gas, water and wastewater utilities, utility associations, organizations, news, magazines, utility financial resources, and related state & federal regulatory and information sites."  Believe it!