The Amazon Disruption - Sell Wal-Mart And Target As Soon As You Can

Nov. 16, 2016 1:46 PM, Inc. (AMZN), WMT, TGT184 Comments
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  • Growth perspectives are very limited in the brick & mortar business model. The future of store goods is through e-commerce.
  • Both Wal-Mart & Target own hundreds of big stores with expensive leases. Amazon has been built from the very beginning with the new economy in mind.
  • While both Wal-Mart & Target are investing massively in their e-commerce platforms, they are decades away from Amazon’s efficiency.

Not so long ago, I've made the decision to sell Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT) in my portfolio. As my focus is toward dividend growth investing, it was a difficult decision to abandon such an iconic dividend payer like Wal-Mart. When you look at their past 10 years, management has been kind to shareholders without jeopardizing the health of the company:

While the dividend payment has been increasing for 41 consecutive years and both cash payout and payout ratios are very low, there is something wrong with this dividend aristocrat.

When I purchase shares of a company, I based my analysis on the 7 dividend investing principles. These principles have been elaborated based on academic studies and provide a strong guideline as not only to which company to buy, but at what price and when it is the right time to sell them. I systematically follow each of my holdings and make sure they continue to meet the 7 investing principles.

Most importantly, I review my investment thesis year after year to make sure management is following the path to growth. Because if there isn't growth, sooner or later, the dividend payment will pale. Speaking of which, the lack of growth factors for Wal-Mart is probably its biggest weakness at the moment. While looking at the whole industry and digging deeper into Wal-Mart's weakness, I realize that Target (NYSE:TGT) is in the same boat.

Sell Both Wal-Mart & Target

Don't get me wrong, I'm not telling you that either WMT or TGT is about to go bankrupt. In fact, both companies show proven business models that have been successful for decades. While both companies evolve in the consumer staple market, it's important to notice that Target is not focusing on food but rather a better in-store customer experience than Wal-Mart. Their strategies are slightly different, but my point is that

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