These 5 Stocks Are Sending A Buy Signal This Week

by: Leigh Drogen


Strong fundamental growth has contributed to the success of these stocks in recent months and weeks.

Forcerank users' bullish sentiment to these stocks are reflected in steadily improving average user ranks and frequent top 3 finishes.

A fundamental and technical breakout support continued upside as we enter the final weeks of 2016.

Each week Forcerank runs a variety of games covering different industries. What we have found, is that the top three ranked companies in their respective games deliver the biggest positive price movement for that week. This week the winners feature popular names like Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS). To receive the rest of the rankings, simply visit the Forcerank Blog or sign up for next week's contests and we will send you the consensus data Monday morning.

Amazon | Ecommerce: Early reports point to healthy retail trends following the pivotal Thanksgiving weekend. Online sales from both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are on track to hit a record $12.7 billion, a testament to consumer's spending habits and the ecommerce environment. Amazon has already indicated that sales would surpass figures posted last year during this time. As a result, Amazon finds its way back to the top of the ecommerce contest for a second consecutive week .The retail giant had been hit hard following the election results as many investors believed a Trump Administration would place trade restrictions that would greatly hinder sales growth. Amazon has almost fully recovered its losses and appears to be back on its way to $1000 price per share. Shares are now closing in on $800 where it will be met with a gap up that needs to be filled. In recent news, Amazon is exploring the option of providing a live sports package for prime members. This is an unprecedented move as live sports have been the last piece of traditional cable packages that has not been replaced by a digital platform. Amazon's robust portfolio of products and services that continue to grow has put the tech giant in the driver's seat moving forward.

Goldman Sachs | Investment Banks: The entire financial sector has boomed in the month following Trump's shocking election victory. Shares of the XLF, which tracks major banks and financial institutions, is up 12% in the past 30 days after a relatively flat year beforehand. No bank has benefited more than Goldman Sachs though. The stock is up nearly 20% since the election with no signs of dropping off anytime soon. On balance volume and the MACD continue to form new peaks as shares make new 52 week highs. Forcerank user's positioned the investment bank atop the financial contests with an average ranking of 4.08, compared to 4.5 the week prior. Investors would be wise to remain cautious though given relative strength index has broken 80, the threshold that indicates a stock is overbought.

Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) | Hardware: The company formerly known as Google finds its way up the hardware game to the second position this week just behind Amazon. Google's success has historically been tied to its search business which dominates its competitors. More recently though, Alphabet has been trying out new projects which they so eloquently call moonshots. Its most recent attempt is the Pixel phone and Google home assistant each of which have received rave reviews in their albeit short history on the market. Morgan Stanley made statements earlier this week that it estimates the Pixel would generate almost $4 billion in revenue next year. That's nowhere near the grossing power of the iPhone but would be a good start for its first attempt at a phone. Black Friday and Cyber Monday will certainly help sales during the quarter which was otherwise looking gloomy. Shares also appear to be following this positive momentum. A breakout in on balance volume in mid November along with a bullish crossover in the MACD support plenty of upside. The stock's 6 month volume profile also validates a 1.5% increase to $805 per share.

Nordstroms (NYSE:JWN)| Most Heavily Shorted: Shares have surged in the past 6 months following consecutive quarters of better than expected growth. Nordstrom has long been a short candidate for investors due to its focus on high priced products in an increasingly value driven environment. In recent months and years though the company has expanded its off brand Nordstrom Rack and Hautelook stores and built out its omni channel capabilities to compete with discount retailers. Its off price brands business delivered 10.2% sales growth in the third quarter and continues to perform better than its full priced counterpart. Shares are up nearly 50% following the past two reports and has the technical support to continue its ascension. A bullish crossover in the MACD and move to positive territory in early November sparked positive price movement for the remainder of the month. It's worth noting that Nordstrom's may need to retrace its recent gains before the stock can move higher. Forcerank users are still bullish on the department store to push higher despite some near term concerns.

Salesforce (NYSE:CRM) | Large Enterprise Software: Salesforce is closing 2016 on a strong note after the first 10-11 months were anything but that. Its third quarter results reported last week proved they can continue to grow at a rapid clip without making a big acquisition. Revenue reported a 25% increase from a year earlier with earnings up 14% over the same time frame. Forcerank user's have kept Salesforce at the top of its respective game with an average user rank of 4.10, compared to 3.9 in the week prior. Shares are seeing a technical breakout from the report and will continue to show upside as long as fundamentals remain strong.

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