The Stock Market Chase For Performance Is On

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The stock market continues to move higher as the chase for end-of-year performance is on.

The moves over the past month have been notable.

Underperforming money managers are likely pushing the stock market higher.


The equity market is just continuing to move forward letting little or anything stand in its way. What could have unnerved the market in the Italian Referendum was shrugged off as if it never even happened. Even the markets in Europe seemed not to care yesterday. Perhaps, it is the understanding that there is a long way to go.

Equity Market and Sectors

The S&P 500 looks very healthy to be truthful, despite whatever the reason the bears can find. It goes back to a couple of basic things. One the stage has been silent with not much news happening and the investors seem to be optimistic about the outlook for the economy. The second piece of the equation comes down to performance or in this case, the lack thereof. The Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Index is up a whopping 3.47% through the end of November. The S&P 500 total return index is up 9.79% during the same time. So what happens? A chase for performance. Managers have the pressure of showing performance. So what happens? They chase the stocks and sectors that have been performing the best.

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What do you think? That sum things up? Look at financials (NYSEARCA:XLF) up nearly 15% in one month. Biotech (NYSEARCA:XBI) and Energy (NYSEARCA:XLE) up 8%. These are massive moves. Selling slow growing, defensive sectors into the areas that are fast growing, dynamic industries. With the exception of tech (NYSEARCA:XLK), but even that is showing signs of turning. It is all about chasing performance going into year end.

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Just look at this daily chart of the S&P 500, consider where we were in January and February, near 1,810, and today, near 2,210. A 400-point move off the S&P 500 lows, nearly 22%. Wow. The chart above just shows it all. Just look at how the S&P 500 is retaking the February/Brexit deal trend line. The S&P 500 seems to be primed to move higher into the final weeks of the year.

Speaking of sectors, just look at the XLF. It was unleashed.

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As though the mighty dam that was $20 resistance was broken wide open and everyone just rushed into as quickly as possible. Like when George Costanza rushed for the exits at the little boys birthday party.

Even technology is looking more and more like it is about to get into the action. The XLK has struggled all year with the $48 level. However, the supporting trend line from the February appears to be the more potent force still. A clear break above $48 will send the XLK up, in the same way as the XLF.

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Materials and consumer discretionary have lagged behind a bit, but the performance is still not chump change.


Fundamentals at this point do not seem to be driving this market at all. The equity market seems entirely motivated by a chase for performance and prospect for an economy that can return to growth. Let's hope the optimism comes true, because from the looks of things, production is looking pretty sad.

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