Dow Jones Industrial Average 2016 Year In Review

by: S&P Dow Jones Indices

By Jamie Farmer

The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended 2016 at 19,762.60 - up 2.337.57 points for a 13.42% annual return, the best year since 2013 when the market surged over 26%.

  • Biggest Themes - markets were driven by the crash (and partial recovery) in oil prices, Fed-watching, China, Brexit and questions regarding the US economy. Oh yeah, there was a Presidential Election too - it was so under-reported I almost forgot to mention it.
  • Leader & Laggard - Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) contributed the most to the DJIA's advance during the year; Nike (NYSE:NKE) was the biggest detractor.
  • Sector Performance - Financials were the best performing sector during 2016; the Consumer Discretionary sector posted the worst performance.
  • Best Day YTD (In Points & Percent) - January 29th, an otherwise bright spot in a rather tough month.
  • Worst Day YTD (In Points & Percent) - June 24th, when the UK votes for Brexit.
  • New Highs - the DJIA posted 26 new highs in 2016, including two separate streaks of 7 straight records in July and December.

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