Clinuvel: Laying The First Brick For A Fortress Of Commercial Success

About: Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals Limited (CLVLY)
by: MinusSinus
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Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals, after many, many years, finally became a commercial operation with the introduction of Scenesse as the first treatment for EPP.

While EPP is a very profitable first indication that is served now, its market potential is limited.

Nevertheless, EPP profits will help to keep the company independent from external financing demands and will finance further growth.

The real value growth for Clinuvel will start with commercialization of Scenesse or derivatives for Vitiligo and other diseases that millions of patients are affected by.

Fair value based on EPP and vitiligo at EUR 18 to EUR 24 per share (vs. today's stock price of EUR 5.30 per share).

Some long-term investors already had lost their faith, but it finally happened: The Australian pharma/biotech company Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals (OTCPK:CLVLY) Pharmaceuticals, first struggling for many years with finding its market positioning, then struggling with