Announcing Seeking Alpha's New Financial Advisor Center

by: SA For FAs


We launched the Financial Advisor Center in partnership with our sponsor, Franklin LibertyShares ETFs.

The Center serves as a resource for advisors on wealth management, retirement advice and business-building topics, as well as industry news.

The Center is also a meeting place for advisors and investors who often dialogue on issues of common concern.

Today, Seeking Alpha proudly announces the launch of our Financial Advisor Center, in concert with our sponsor, Franklin LibertyShares ETFs.

With a large presence of professional financial advisors among our readership, Seeking Alpha's Financial Advisor Center aims to tackle this important constituency's key issues, including wealth management, retirement advice, building a business and industry news.

One thing that truly distinguishes Seeking Alpha from other investor-oriented or financial advisor-oriented publications is that both groups (advisors and individual investors) cohabit the same space, often commenting on the same articles, thus talking about the same issues.

What is this important? Financial advisor blogger Michael Kitces wrote:

...the data shows that 3/4ths of new financial advisor clients are actually self-directed investors who decided for the first time to work with an advisor..."

Investors are on Seeking Alpha because they want to improve their investment performance; those who continue to encounter difficulty in doing so may be open to the creativity and empathy that advisor contributors/commenters on the site can provide.

Who are these advisors? They are experienced professionals who help clients in all sorts of ways - be it in financial planning, tax location of investment accounts, portfolio rebalancing, updating of beneficiary designations and ongoing behavioral coaching.

They come to Seeking Alpha not only to stay up to date with markets but also to keep up with the currents affecting their clients - not least the emotions that lead many investors to react to market trends in a fashion that is hazardous to their wealth - such as buying and selling at the wrong times.

A statement by the cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead - one that is not usually applied to advisors, but certainly should be if advisors can guide their clients through the market's gyrations - encapsulates the Financial Advisor Center's aims to provide advisors with the knowledge and perspective to serve their clients and improve their practices:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Thus, in a word: An FA is for the most part not a quant. He or she is a people person who knows how to keep in touch with clients, keep them from hurting themselves, guide them in what it is they should be seeking, and provide the emotional comfort they will surely get from knowing there are steady hands at the helm.