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PRKR has amended its patent infringement complaint against Apple.

The amended complaint takes aim at the iPhone 7.

With several important dates coming up on PRKR's calendar, the stock is an aggressive buy.

ParkerVision (NASDAQ:PRKR), a developer, marketer and manufacturer of semiconductor technology is an attractive aggressive buy today after the company's announcement that it has amended to its complaint against Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), adding the alleged infringement by the iPhone maker of the German part of European Patent 1 135 853.

We have been following, and reporting on, PRKR for some time now and continue to think this stock is an attractive medium-term buy for aggressive investors.

PRKR's amended complaint additionally expands the accused products to include the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which use Intel's PMB5750 transceiver chip which is based on Intel's SMARTi architecture. With the iPhone 7 and 7 plus currently enjoying a prominent place in the cell phone market, we believe that investors and commentators alike will continue to closely follow this lawsuit.

Upcoming hearings in the Apple suit make PRKR an especially attractive buy over the next month. At the Company's request, the Munich Regional Court has now bifurcated the new claims into a second case separate from the original Apple case. This second case is scheduled for a hearing on June 29, 2017. The original complaint against Apple remains scheduled for a hearing on May 4, 2017 and accuses Apple products of infringement of the German part of European patent 1 206 831 ("the '831 Patent"). This first case includes the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and the iPad Air 2 devices, which incorporate Qualcomm transceivers.

Can PRKR pull off a suit against a giant tech leader like AAPL? The company's recent litigation success seems to suggest just that. Last July, ParkerVision reached a settlement with Samsung (OTC:SSNLF) for license of its patents. While the financial terms of the settlement were confidential, the settlement was clearly a win for ParkerVision and shares of the stock jumped. In the wake of the settlement, Samsung holds a worldwide license to use ParkerVision's patented material in its huge number of cell phones, which had been the subject of ongoing litigation by ParkerVision against the company.

Additionally, as we noted in an article last November, the Munich Regional Court has held that LG Electronics Deutschland, GmbH, a German subsidiary of LG Electronics, Inc. ("LG") infringes the '831 Patent - the patent that is also the subject of the AAPL complaint - but the court stayed the proceedings pending resolution of the related nullity, or invalidity, action in the German Federal Patent Court. A preliminary decision in the nullity action is expected by March 2017.

We continue to believe that a significant factor working in PRKR's favor in this litigation is the firm's strong team of lawyers and financial backers. PRKR has retained the Boston Law Firm of Mintz Levin to pursue this patent infringement litigation. The IP team at Mintz has a great track record of settling IP cases for plaintiffs.

PRKR also has a strong team representing the firm in Germany. The law firm of Noerr LLP is representing ParkerVision in its actions against Apple and LG. Noerr LLP is a multinational law firm of over 500 professionals, which has substantial and longstanding expertise in handling complex German, European and international patent litigation.

Additionally, the litigation has significant financial backing. Brickell Key Investments provided $11 million in restricted funds to ParkerVision in exchange for payment via the company's future expected gross proceeds from its enforcement actions and patent assets. The team at Brickell has significant investing in IP litigation.

There are a number of significant dates coming up for PRKR's litigation against Apple and LG in March, May and June on PRKR's calendar, and we believe that the stock continues to be an attractive buy for aggressive investors ahead of these dates. We continue to believe that there is a good chance that these deep-pocket defendants will settle and that any news about the settlement will move the stock. Because of PRKR's relatively low average daily trading volume, I would suggest that aggressive investors establish - or add to existing positions - over the course of several trading sessions.

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