Dividend Stocks Are (Or Will Be) The Bubble In This Market Cycle

About: McDonald's Corporation (MCD), Includes: BKK, CAT, ED, GWW, NOBL, TOL
by: SD Davis
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SD Davis
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We choose a few randomly selected “Dividend Aristocrats” stocks to provide empirical valuation support for the thesis.

Interest rates are still at historic lows, and a rise in rates and/or inflation will not be good for dividend-paying stocks.

Many stable dividend-paying stocks do not offer a sufficient risk premium due to a false sense of security.

The owners earnings or free cash flow yield cannot be ignored just because a company has a history of stable dividends.

Many investors have forgotten what a normal interest rate environment feels and acts like. Remember that 5% money market rate in 2006? (I know... it's a near forgotten memory.) The collective investing mindset seems to