Sharon Is Now Bullish

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  • I have a weekend Heisenberg vignette for you.
  • The last time the Dow closed at a record high for eleven straight sessions, Sharon was 45.
  • You can hardly blame her for being bullish.
  • Or can you?

I got up early on Saturday.

Earlier than usual.

Apparently, falling asleep to documentaries about the sectarian divide isn't conducive to REM sleep. Who knew?

Out on the porch in the predawn hours peacefully enjoying a morning smoke, I wave to the 70-something lady next door. Our places are separated by a couple of sand dunes between which sits an old, wooden skiff that's been there since I was a teenager and thus well before I actually bought this place.

But despite the fact that "next door" here doesn't exactly mean "next door" in the traditional sense, I can still hear Sharon (the neighbor) talking. It's a particularly surreal scene. She lets the dog (some manner of spaniel) off the leash, and it does what dogs do in the morning on the beach - it frantically runs this way and that, trying to decide which scent to chase before ultimately giving up and breaking into a dead sprint towards the surf which, in this low light, is like white foam on an infinite sea of black coffee.

Sharon is talking on a Bluetooth earpiece (something she absolutely loves doing as it apparently makes her feel less old). Given the hour, my guess is she's talking to her friend in Wales - a childhood pen pal-turned real pal thanks to modern technology. She's talking about Trump. And, hilariously, the market. She doesn't mention the Dow by name (she likely has no idea what a "Dow" or an "S&P" is). All she seems to know is what she heard on the nightly news; that stocks have closed at record highs for eleven straight days for the first time in three decades.

At first I just chuckle to myself, but then I thought about it for a minute. The last time the Dow

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Perhaps more than any other time in the last six decades, the fate of markets is inextricably intertwined with the ebb and flow of geopolitics. It's become increasingly clear that one simply cannot fully comprehend market movements without a thorough understanding of concurrent political outcomes. Drawing on extensive experience in both politics and finance, Heisenberg will help demystify a world in which investors can no longer hope to conceptualize of markets as existing in anything that even approximates a vacuum.

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