Silver Market Update 3/18/17

by: Viking Analytics


We present and update our key indicators for silver investment.

Our current near-term outlook for silver is neutral, but could be buoyed by gold.

The Commitment of Traders report suggests that commercial short interest remains elevated.


This is the first of a weekly market update for silver, where we will update the key drivers of our silver and related investments like the iShares Silver Trust (NYSEARCA:SLV).

Like many, we view the silver market as fundamentally undervalued in relation to gold; however, we don't recommend that investors pile into silver due to the current high gold to silver ratio. Before a monetary reset occurs (if indeed it happens in our lifetimes), the gold/silver ratio could move in unexpected ways.

Over the last year, silver has had a daily correlation with gold near 80%, and a "beta" to gold of about 1.3. In simple terms - and on average - if gold rises 1%, then silver will tend to rise 1.3%. We do see the gold and silver markets as being inter-related, and hold an assumption that the gold market drives the bus; therefore, it is important to understand the relative strength of both markets before investing in silver.

Our summary for the short-term outlook for gold and silver are below.

Source: Viking Analytics

Our current short-term outlook for gold is favorable, and our outlook for silver is neutral. We will show some summary technical analysis, and provide an update on the COT report below. We touched on the safe haven topic in our gold article.

Technical View

Silver has some work to do to retrace its recent losses in the last several years. The next key upside test will be the 2016 downtrend line.

Source: TradingView

On a daily chart, the technical picture looks more favorable than the weekly chart. Silver bulls will want the metal to rise and close above the 50 day MA to clear room for a move back to $18/oz.

Source: TradingView

Overall, we view the technical picture for silver and SLV as neutral.

Commitment of Traders Report

We wrote an article two weeks ago where we cautioned silver investors to expect volatility. Because of the record level of commercial shorts (and managed money longs) on the COMEX futures market, we felt as though the coiled spring could unleash to the downside. At that time, we purchased puts on SLV to protect our vaulted physical silver and position in the Sprott Silver Physical Trust (NYSEARCA:PSLV). Shortly after our article, silver fell from $18 to $17 per ounce.

While commercial short sellers in gold dramatically reduced their positions this past week, the silver short sellers did not cover nearly as many positions as the gold short sellers. The silver commercial short position remains at very high levels. As many indicate, this could unleash silver to the upside if the shorts are forced to cover. But, if recent history is any guide, the shorts almost always win this battle.

Source: Viking Analytics

Source: Trading View

The red lines indicate where commercial short interest peaks, followed by significant pull-backs in the price of paper silver. We view the near-record commercial short interest as a cautionary flag at best, and a possible bearish selling signal at worst.

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