Multimedia Weekly Digest: Why The Fed Hiked Rates And What It Means For U.S. Economy

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Every week we compile some of the best podcasts and videos our authors have to offer.

We continue this week with SchiffGold, Tematica Research, Jay Taylor and Financial Sense.

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Welcome to the second instalment of SA Multimedia's Digest, where we combine videos and podcasts from across Seeking Alpha's contributor base into a single weekly article.

Perhaps still hung over from last week's rate hike (and St. Patrick's Day celebrations), a big topic this week was the possible effects of the said hike and the reasons behind the Fed's decision.

We begin with SchiffGold, who thinks that the Fed's rate increase is a poor way to build consumer confidence.

The Fed's decision to raise rates is still another attempt to instill false hope into consumers that the economy is getting better. But more and more consumers are becoming aware of the reality of sluggish wages and an increase in prices.

Tematica Research asked the question, "Was the Fed's March interest rate increase because of inflation or was it because of something else?"

On Jay Taylor's podcast, his guest Michael Oliver discussed the role the US T-Bond is playing in the US economy:

the U.S. T-Bond is playing a Judas Goat role by leading investors to erroneously believe the U.S. economy is strong, thus sucking them into stocks and other risky investments that are doomed to collapse.

Financial Sense interviews Dr. Alan Beaulieu, President of ITR Economics, who is more positive on the US economy short term, but long term is not so optimistic.

The good news is that the US is unlikely to see another recession until around 2019. He told listeners that back in 2015 and reiterated that outlook again on our show just recently based on their economic forecasting models.

The bad news is that the US (and the world) is likely to slip into another Great Depression in a little over a decade around the 2030 timeframe.

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