Is There A Secret Sauce In The Microsoft Attention Span Study That Will Continue To Nourish Las Vegas Locals Casinos?


  • In 2015, Microsoft studied the human attention span and found it shrinking below the levels of goldfish.
  • Clear conclusion: Older people can sustain attention at repetitive tasks or leisure activities longer than the young.
  • That's good news for Las Vegas locals casinos, especially Boyd Gaming's savvy management.

"Information consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention." -- Herbert Simon, Nobel Economist, 1978

In 2015, Microsoft conducted a study, primarily for its advertisers, to track the trends in human attention span. Their objective was to impart guidance to online advertisers on how to best optimize their messages against a powerful trend of shrinking attention spans. The research was Canada-based but held many lessons for U.S. marketers nonetheless. The 54-page study, however, boiled down a few hard truths about 21 st century customers. So what did it have to do with the prospects for Las Vegas locals casinos and the public companies that owned them?

A few highlights of the study first.

Microsoft assembled a team of researchers, neurologists and psychologists to extract the data with a methodology that was tightly focused on the trends. Here's what they learned: The average human attention span in the year 2000 was 12 seconds. By 2013 it had shrunk to 8 seconds, one second less than the 9-second attention span of a goldfish. This startling comparison made headlines around the world-though nobody was surprised.

They broke attention down into three basic types:

a) Sustained attention is the capacity to maintain prolonged focus during repetitive activity. The highest percentage of the sample age groups with this level of patience were people 55 and older, at 35%. Much more dramatic was the spread between behavior patterns. While 77% of the sample group aged 18-24 said they reached for their phones when bored, that percentage plunged to 10% for people 65 and older. Over 52% of the younger group said they checked their smartphones on the average of every 30 minutes while only 6% of the folks over 65 checked their phones that often. While 79% of the young sample used other devices while watching TV, the percentage using other devices

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