Starbucks - Reassessing The Long-Term Case

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  • Starbucks' app congestion led to a slowdown in comps growth and triggered a correction that lasted about one year.
  • Despite that, growth prospects are still supported by a moderate comps growth, an increasing number of stores and expanding margins.
  • Valuation looks fair and justifies a long-term position.

Some Context - Slowing Growth and App Congestion

Starbucks (NASDAQ:NASDAQ:SBUX) has been a growth investors' darling for many years, but the stock has failed to maintain momentum due to a deceleration in comps growth. The stock is still trading 6% below the top reached in October 2015, although revenue and EPS are significantly higher.

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The reason behind the stock correction is related to the trend in comparable store sales. Comps growth has declined from 7-8% in 2015 to 3% for the last 2 quarters. I think this fully explains why the stock declined from $64 to $50 between October 2015 and November 2016. Declining comps are sometimes a warning sign that tells us the attractiveness of a product, brand or service is declining. Declining comps are different than slowing comps, and we should expect every company to experience periods of slowing growth, due to cyclical or macroeconomic phenomena. In Starbucks case, I find it difficult to find a reason behind the decline that could indicate a structural problem or a long-term challenge. The slowing growth rate of the last few quarters, which is considered an anomaly (per management), is probably nothing more than a short-term effect that could fade away soon. I identified some factors that may explain the recent weakness. The first factor is the overall weakness in retail, as a decline in foot traffic may have had an effect on Starbucks growth, with indirect results on stores located in malls affected by declining foot traffic. Other factors have been explained by management a few times. In particular, management identified 3 main drivers behind the declining comps:

The first is, there is a macro impact from restaurant, away-from-home occasions. And we participate in a big index, and it's not a public index. There are tens of thousands of restaurants that

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