Top 5 Silver Stocks For 2017: Mid-Year Update


  • Silver has had an up-and-down kind of year, trading in a range from $15.50 to $18.50 an ounce.
  • The gold:silver ratio now trades at 77, which is the highest level since early 2015.
  • I discuss silver prices and highlight the performance my top silver picks given before the start of the year and give my thoughts on the rest of 2017.

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Every year, I like to give my top silver stock picks for the upcoming year, in tandem with my top gold stock picks. My goal is to outperform not only the physical price of silver (NYSEARCA:SLV) but also silver miners as a whole, and I use the global X Funds silver miners index (NYSEARCA:SIL) as a benchmark; this ETF contains numerous silver stocks, but there are more than a few names I do not like in the SIL (such as Tahoe Resources (TAHO) and a non-silver stock, Alamos Gold (AGI)), so I've avoided buying it.

Silver stocks give investors big leverage to the price of silver, plain and simple. As a rough example, I've estimated in the past that every 10% gain in silver prices should net you approximately 30% or greater gains in silver miners; last year, a 20% rise in silver prices resulted in a gain of over 90% in the SIL. Of course, this works both ways, as a 10-20% drop in silver prices can also result in a 30% loss, or greater.

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(Credit: Macrotrends. The price of silver trades below $16 an ounce as of writing)

Silver has had a rough year and has underperformed gold. As I pointed out in a recent article, while I’m still bullish on silver long term and think its gains could eventually exceed gold (for various reasons, including the low investment amount required vs. gold), I think gold is the better bet in the short to medium term. There is just too much uncertainty surrounding silver demand in the short term, and the metal is so volatile that I'm having a tough time recommending silver stocks

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