Speedway Motorsports: Fade The Gains Off A Weak Earnings 'Beat'

About: Speedway Motorsports, Inc. (TRK), Includes: ISCA
by: Vince Martin
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Vince Martin
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TRK's post-earnings gains quite frankly make no sense.

The stock was at multi-year support heading into the report, and I do see some potential bullishness based on cost controls and capex spend.

But Q2 really wasn't that great, even if it beat consensus, particularly given an easy comparison.

Admissions revenue continues to decline, and like peer ISCA, earnings are stagnant as a result.

I do like TRK better than ISCA, even above $21. But there's no reason to go long here.

This simply makes no sense:

Source: finviz.com

Set aside the fact that Speedway Motorsports' (TRK) Q2 report wasn't nearly as good as a consensus headline beat would suggest. There were five races in