Consolidated Water: The Water Play Of Your Dreams

About: Consolidated Water Co. Ltd. (CWCO)
by: Russell Katz
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Russell Katz
Long-term horizon, Macro Analysis, fundamental analysis, Growth

Water is becoming an increasingly strained resource with the 2030 Water Resource Group predicting a 40% global water deficit by 2030 under business as usual conditions.

CWCO has $36.532 million cash, zero non-current debt, and only $11.471 million in total liabilities.

With the purchase of a controlling interest in Aerex CWCO is becoming a one stop shop for reverse osmosis water desalinization.

CWCO's expansion into Mexico will provide extreme growth in a relatively short period of time.

Disclosure: Consolidated Water (NASDAQ:CWCO) is a special-situations, long-term play and should not be expected to have its value fully recognized for a few years.

Why Water?

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