How Tesla Could Become The World's Dominant Automotive Company By 2030

About: Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)
by: Trent Eady
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Trent Eady
Tech, carmakers, long-term horizon

Over the next decade, the automotive industry will be turned on its head. Individual ownership of gasoline cars will give way to autonomous ride-hailing of electric cars.

Tesla is better positioned than any other company to thrive under this new model. It has a lead in all three components: electric cars, self-driving cars, and autonomous ride-hailing.

Tesla is the leading manufacturer of electric cars. Other car manufacturers will struggle to make the transition to selling electric cars due to their distribution model.

Tesla has the lead in driving data, which is critical to the development of self-driving cars. Unlike other car manufacturers, it also has a software culture.

Tesla is already stealthily deploying its autonomous ride-hailing fleet in the form of customer cars. These cars are designed with autonomous ride-hailing in mind.

Change is a comin’ to the automotive industry.

Independent technology think tank RethinkX predicts that self-driving electric cars will account for 95% of miles driven in the United States by 2030. The Rethinking Transportation report