Loews Corporation - Undervalued Growing Holding Company

About: Loews Corporation (L), Includes: BWP, CNA, DO, MAR
by: The Value Portfolio
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Growth, long-term horizon, Deep Value, momentum

Loews Corporation sum of the parts analysis shows that the company is roughly 30% undervalued based on present market value.

Loews Corporation's Hotel Regency brand has been growing rapidly. The brand has recently opened up new hotels in San Francisco, Chicago, and Texas.

Loews Corporation's oil assets have had a difficult time since the start of the crash. However, the company has the cash to grow this position which should allow additional growth.

Loews Corporation (NYSE: L) is a $16.5 billion dollar company and one of the largest diversified companies in the United States. The company has operations in the insurance, industry, and energy industries with a