Tracking The Treasury Rate For A 9% Yield On This Healthcare REIT

About: Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. (OHI), Includes: AAPL, ARCC, BTI, CLDT, CTL, DIN, ED, EPR, GEO, GOV-OLD, IRM, MAIN, MO, O, RMR, SO, SUI, T, VGR, VZ, WPC
by: George Schneider
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George Schneider
Research analyst, dividend growth investing, portfolio strategy, value

The 10-year Treasury bond has been a reliable indicator of REIT pricing for some time now.

In past days, movement of one or two basis points on the day was more common. Today, it is not unusual to see moves of 5 or 10 basis points.

Making sense of the volatile movement in interest rate cycles gives us the ability to profit from it.

Omega Healthcare Investors back on the "rate-dar." We can apply pattern recognition to get the income we want from this REIT.

Pattern Recognition: Omega Healthcare Investors Back On The "Rate-dar"

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