Natural Gas Storage Forecast For Next Week

by: HFIR Energy

We anticipate an injection of 72 Bcf.

If EIA reports a storage injection of 72 Bcf, it would be compared to +38 Bcf last year and +58 Bcf for the five-year average.

Harvey impacted demand more than it impacted supply, explaining the big jump in weekly injection.

Welcome to the natural gas storage forecast edition of Natural Gas Daily!

EIA reported a +30 Bcf change yesterday, which was 1 Bcf higher than our forecast of +29 Bcf. Be sure to read our August 25 week storage report here. For the week of August 25, we expect an injection of 29 Bcf.

For the week of 9/1, we expect an injection of 72 Bcf.

On a fundamental supply and demand basis, below is how each fundamental factor fared vs. the prior week:

Source: HFI Research

This week's physical balance was thrown into complete chaos, thanks to Hurricane Harvey. For Lower 48 production, we saw weekly production average decrease by 1 Bcf/d, but towards the end of the week, production has already started to recover strongly. Canadian gas net imports also declined by 0.4 Bcf/d.

For demand, power burn was the biggest loser coming in at -5.8 Bcf/d week over week, and thus explains why we are seeing such a high injection figure this week. As of the latest daily figures, power burn has not recovered, and as summer is coming to an end, power burn is expected to drift lower in September.

Mexico gas exports also saw a drop of 0.5 Bcf/d week over week as operations on some pipelines were interrupted.

Despite weakening physical balances, natural gas prices shot up this week, and today's rally is led by winter contracts. In our premium NGF articles to HFI Research subscribers last week, we pegged a fundamental value of $3.30/MMBtu for November versus $3/MMBtu at the time. We said that winter contracts were undervalued. Today, November is trading closer to $3.15/MMBtu.

Here's a look at the balance last week versus the rest:

If EIA reports a storage injection of 72 Bcf, it would be compared to +38 Bcf last year and +58 Bcf for the five-year average.

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