My 80+ Portfolio Update Of Q3 Trading Activity And Want To Buy Prices

by: RoseNose


Buy, Trim/Sell activity review for the months of July, August, and September or Q3 of 2017 for my 80+ stock portfolio with reasoning given.

Added on to 24 stocks. Prices paid and the new Cost/share or “C/sh” is also revealed for these transactions.

One new stock, an equity REIT, CorEnergy was added.

Sold or trimmed were 11 stocks - 7 completely gone - all to be named.

A bit of discussion of the composition of the portfolio and some of my want-to-buy prices for the next three months.

Fund Portfolio

The portfolio of 80 stocks consists of three accounts at Scottrade - two Roth and one taxable - and is a total of 71 stocks. The majority of the portfolio value is in the Roths. Nine other taxable stocks appear at the end of the chart. They also are the oldest, and some are still dripped. Those five tickers are in Bold type. When added, that makes up the 80 total.

Below is an alphabetical list showing the current stock price at the market close September 30th, 2017. The portfolio has a current yield of 4% using those prices. I will do an accounting in my next article for value which has risen nicely this quarter and lowered the overall portfolio yield, which had been previously ~4.2%.

Name Ticker Pr 9/30
AbbVie (ABBV) 88.86
Automatic Data Processing (ADP) 109.32
Amgen (AMGN) 186.45
Alerian ETF (AMLP) 11.22
Apple Hospitality (APLE) 18.91
Boeing (BA) 254.21
Becton, Dickinson (BDX) 195.95
Bristol-Myers (BMY) 63.74
BP (BP) 38.43
Anheuser Busch (BUD) 119.3
Blackstone Mortgage (BXMT) 31.02
Cardinal Health (CAH) 66.92
Colgate-Palmolive (CL) 72.85
Cummins (CMI) 168.03
CorEnergy (CORR) 35.35
Cisco (CSCO) 33.63
CVS Health (CVS) 81.32
Chevron (CVX) 117.5
Dominion (D) 76.93
Diageo (DEO) 132.13
Digital Realty (DLR) 118.33
Gladstone (GAIN) 9.49
General Mills (GIS) 51.76
Genuine Parts (GPC) 95.65
W.W. Grainger (GWW) 179.75
Home Depot (HD) 163.56
Hershey (HSY) 109.17
Hercules Capital (HTGC) 12.9
Intel (INTC) 38.08
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) 130.01
Kimco Realty (KIM) 19.55
Kimberly-Clark (KMB) 117.68
Coca-Cola (KO) 45.01
Lockheed (LMT) 310.29
Alliant (LNT) 41.57
Mastercard (MA) 141.2
McDonald's (MCD) 156.68
Medtronic (MDT) 77.77
3M (MMM) 209.9
Monroe Capital (MRCC) 14.31
Newtek (NEWT) 17.82
Nike (NKE) 51.85
New Residential (NRZ) 16.73
Omega Healthcare (OHI) 31.91
Occidental (OXY) 64.21
Pfizer (PFE) 35.7
Procter & Gamble (PG) 90.98
Royal Dutch (NYSE:RDS.B) 62.54
Starbucks (SBUX) 53.71
J. M. Smucker (SJM) 104.93
Tanger (SKT) 24.42
New Senior (SNR) 9.15
Southern Company (SO) 49.14
Simon Property (SPG) 161.01
STAG Industrial (STAG) 27.47
STORE Capital (STOR) 24.87
AT&T (T) 39.17
Teva (TEVA) 17.6
Target (TGT) 59.01
TriplePoint Venture (TPVG) 13.4
Union Pacific (UNP) 115.97
Visa (V) 105.24
V.F. Corporation (VFC) 63.57
Valero (VLO) 76.93
Ventas (VTR) 65.13
Verizon (VZ) 49.49
WEC Energy (WEC) 62.78
W.P. Carey (WPC) 67.39
Washington Prime (WPG) 8.33
Washington Prime Pref H (WPGpH) 25.47
Exxon (XOM) 81.98
Philip Morris (PM) 111.01
DNP Select Income Fund (DNP) 11.48
Altria (MO) 63.42
Xcel (XEL) 47.32
MGE Energy (MGEE) 64.6
Pepsico (PEP) 111.43
Kraft Heinz (KHC) 77.55
Mondelez (MDLZ) 40.66
MetLife (MET) 51.95

Below is a chart of what kept me busy with the portfolio for the last three months. In some cases, I may have made more than one purchase, and the price is an average, but for the most part, these are single transactions, some for fewer shares than others.

I have included my new average Cost /share (C/sh), and in some cases, I am averaging up - some down.

October Want price is for where I am looking to add on more.

I did own BXMT, an mREIT, previously, so it really is not a new holding, and I will not discuss it in this article.

The new stock in the portfolio is CORR, and I wrote a separate recently submitted article about that purchase.

Stock Add-On or New:

July August September October ? Rose C/sh
Stock Ticker WANT pr
PG 87.3 65.43
KMB 124.36 121.43 117.71 112 91.85
APLE 17.93 17.4 18.42
WPGpH 25.15 25.1 25.15
SJM 115.2 105.68 105.5 100 113.4
GIS 53.29 51.63 48 53.44
SPG 159.96 157.34 155 168.45
NRZ 15.93 15 13.07
OHI 32.82 31 33.5
HSY 103.3 104.97 100 107.31
OXY 59.8 55 86.82
INTC 34.86 34 34.86
VZ 43.35 43 45.22
TEVA 19.04 12.5 19.04
BXMT 31.05 x3 30.5 31.05
HTGC 12.78 12.2 12.88
MRCC 13.9 13.74 12.6 14.37
GPC 81.65 86.5 80 68.58
SKT 23.1 22.75 29.38
TPVG 12.96 12.75 13.01
NEWT 17.57 16 13.96
D 77.54 75.5 67.63
CAH 67.39 75 76.11
CORR 33.19 33.5 33.19
KIM 19.42 18 20.28

In this previous article, I show each stock by % portfolio value and which stocks I wanted to increase. I was successful the last few months in seeing lower prices for many stocks so I could add on.

Let's discuss these add-ons by Sectors along with my reasoning:

Consumer Staples was a surprise this quarter and saw declines in many of the values. That allowed me to add, including the newest stocks I had purchased: Hershey and J.M. Smucker.

General Mills is still at a fair value and possibly could see more decline - it is nearing 4% dividend yield and remains a quality wonderful company on sale. I read a rumor (NYSE:BRK.A) might think it a great takeover candidate: true or false, Rose wanted more.

Kimberly-Clark surprised and fell, not to a perfect bargain price, but enough to get me to add on with its 3.2 and now 3.3% yield.

Procter & Gamble was down a bit, and I bought a teensy amount to round out the share number and heck it still has a decent yield of ~ 3%.

Industrial Genuine Parts (GPC) was a pleasing surprise and near 3.3% yield. I added it numerous times, and in all accounts, before it took its jump up in price just recently.

Financial: Mortgage REIT, BXMT, was added back in. I love the 8% yield near $31. I will get more if it goes lower. NRZ is also quite the income generator with 12% yield and keeps raising the dividend. Thanks to the A-Team by The Fortune Teller, I found it - and him and his excellent capital market articles. I just needed some more and added on, averaging up.

BDC - Business Development Companies remain a bit depressed in price. I added on to some, and I own a basket of 5. However, with rate increases still around the corner, I watch with caution as anything can happen.

I was in and out of TPVG - Triple Point Venture, buying it back nearer to an 11% yield. I did it admittedly rather blindly and missed a dividend payment-kicking myself, but still pleased with the price.

I added to HTGC and MRCC as well. I just want to keep them around - even though HTGC is struggling to stay internally managed. If that changes and they go to external management, I might exit it and look for a replacement.

NEWT has been amazing, and I added more. It was an original part of the A-team by The Fortune Teller. GAIN is also from that. His service is also just amazing and the seven mystery stocks are from his SA subscription service "The Wheel". I hope to write a mystery article about my holdings, but haven't quite figured out how to do so; a mystery.


Cardinal Health (CAH) is suffering and still a quality company at a bargain price. It shows earnings growth for 2018; so I felt the need to average down.

TEVA, well it's Teva, and really suffering with large amounts of debt and a bad prior management.

I like the new management and the selling of assets to replace some of the debt. It has great assets remaining, and buying a few shares for $19 was okay as a speculation. I also have sold some put options, and I have earned cash on those. They are for $15 strike in November 2017 and $22.50 strike for January 2019. Time is still with me for obtaining those shares or not.

Utilities: Dominion (D) is almost 4% yield, and that is close to historic. I sold CenterPoint Energy (CNP) and the cash went here.

Real Estate: Apple Hospitality (APLE) is a large cap hotel REIT- 6.6% dividend yield and low debt- seemed like a good price below $18 when I bought more and will continue with that strategy.

Simon Property Group (SPG) is one that I bought too high and enjoy averaging down with this quality A credit rated retail REIT. Lesson learned - as I bought too soon and the whole sector has tanked while retail is out of favor. I see the 4.5% yield as Very Fair for the quality it owns in this sector.

Tanger (SKT) is BBB+ rated and has 5.6% yield. Really Nice and historic so I added on and averaged down.

KIM or Kimco is another beaten down retail open-air shopping center BBB+ rated 5.5% yield to buy- and I added more.

WPGpH is Washington Prime Group preferred shares with ~ 7.5% yield. My first dive into preferred shares came with The Fortune Teller on The Wheel and now I do also have others that are mystery and have higher yields as well. This is one that he has revealed outside of SA on the free side.

Sold or Trim Activity

SNR 10.26 10.36 /9.31 9.25 gone
IRM 37.62 gone
WPC 68.15 64.24
ADP 118.35 16.43
CIO 12.39 gone
CCP 27.17 gone
CVX 107.4 79.1
MAT 16.35 gone
CNP 30.02 gone
DLR 125.26 22.1
TROW 75 gone

The most notable sell here is T Rowe Price (TROW). My original cost was in the 60s, so I made money on the sale. I was extremely surprised by the fast rise to the current price of this stock. It is doing very well, but without me.

It had been trending sideways for a long long time and even down quite a bit. The yield was measly and still really is for a financial. It is quality yet I really have gotten hooked on REITs and BDCs and the yield for them- so goodbye TROW.

No surprise, I finally sold Mattel (MAT). Bad experience all around with it, what can I say, other than: "So Long, Farewell, Adieu, and a real big Good-bye and the money has been put to better use."

New Senior Investment REIT (SNR) was showing signs of deterioration in earnings and the yield was becoming uncomfortably high- I slowly exited it.

Looking back a quick exit would have been more favorable, but I was trying to get that extra dividend payment. I did end with it on a positive total return because I did that.

The other gone stocks have been mentioned in previous articles.

-I trimmed some CVX when I added the OXY. I was trying to keep Energy at about 10% of portfolio value. I missed out on Valero (VLO), it just rose up so fast and high, I was entirely surprised. I still have hopes of adding on to it.

- CNP was at a nice historic high and had good capital gains for me, it was sold. That cash went into Dominion.

- CCP was acquired by Sabra (SBRA), and I only saw price decline in its future, thus it was sold. Now, I watch SBRA, and it is getting interesting with a nice dividend yield.

- City Office (CIO) was a mistake perhaps, don't know yet. It has been climbing nicely even after it had a bad earnings report that caused me to sell.

- ADP and DLR were trimmed for over pricing. I really am happy with the small amounts I sold, but would perhaps consider adding more DLR if it becomes a better price and yield. It still is at an amazing valuation and rather low yield for an equity REIT. ADP is experiencing outsider takeover issues, I watch it carefully. I might add back, but can't decide.

- I just had too much WPC and sold some, which helped me get CORR.

There, that's what I did and most of the why.

Thank you as always for your support, and I look forward to reading your comments.

We can learn together and I certainly enjoy learning from you.

Happy Investing.

Disclosure: I am/we are long CORR.

I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.