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Equity Funds' Q3 Return Remains Positive On Average For An Eighth Consecutive Quarter

by: Tom Roseen
Tom Roseen
Mutual fund analyst, research analyst, ETF investing, closed-end funds

For Q3 2017, equity funds (+4.64% on average) posted their eighth consecutive quarterly gain.

Lipper’s World Equity Funds macro-classification (+6.10%) remained at the top of the leader board for the third quarter in a row.

The Sector Equity Funds macro-classification housed three of the four worst-performing classifications in the equity universe for Q3, with Commodities Agriculture Funds (-3.59%) being the group laggard.

For the third consecutive quarter, USDE growth-oriented funds (+5.26%) outperformed their core-oriented (+4.31%) and value-oriented (+3.75%) cousins.

For the first quarter in three small-cap funds (+5.05%) were at the top of the leader board as investors bid up small-cap information technology and industrial issues.

Equity mutual fund investors proved fairly resilient in Q3, dodging shake-ups in the White House, increasingly negative rhetoric between North Korea and the United States, and the devastation of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. For Q3 2017, the average equity fund posted a return of 4.64%, with Lipper’s World Equity Funds macro-classification (+6.10%) staying at the top of the four major equity groups for the third consecutive quarter. In this segment, I highlight the September and third-quarter performance trends for equity mutual funds and ETFs.

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