Why Everspin Technologies Is Fading And Will Continue To Downtrend

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  • In October 2016, Everspin (MRAM) IPOed at $8 per share and traded there until a Barron's article in May caused a strong rally. It is now fading back to $8.
  • Everspin's MRAM is too expensive to compete with DRAM, as DRAM will continue to get cheaper and better, and Moore's Law will continue for many years to come.
  • Everspin has overly high analyst estimates, and management has hinted that it will miss guidance.
  • Small companies like Everspin do not last in the memory chip business, economies of scale are essential for profitability, and system designers are reluctant to purchase from a small, and sole, vendor.
  • At $5M per quarter cash burn, Everspin will need to do an equity raise sometime next year.

Even with the recent pullback, we recommend selling or shorting Everspin (NASDAQ:MRAM) as a long term short play. MRAM is a previous hot stock that is currently in the cooling down phase. We believe that many of MRAM’s shareholders don’t know the business very well and are holding because the company sells memory chips, which is a hot industry. We have spoken with several semiconductor experts to help us understand the industry and give a balanced analysis on the company. The reality is the memory chip product Everspin sells, MRAM, is too expensive compared to the competing DRAM chip, and this tiny company doesn’t sell in the bulk required to compete with behemoths like Micron (MU), Samsung (OTCPK:SSNLF), and Hynix (000660.KS) which all sell DRAM.

We believe MRAM will fall to below $10 within six months as the company begins missing earnings expectations and starts lowering guidance. The company's next earnings report is on November 13th. If the company doesn't submit unfavorable guidance for Q417, then we believe it's likely they will the next quarter. This will make many new investors that bought on the recent uptrend sell their shares, and the price will return to the $8-10 range it was before the uptrend started.

Long term, the stock could go to zero if MRAM never goes mainstream as the company is currently burning about $5M in cash per quarter. Analysts have overly high expectations for the company’s revenues and earnings in the upcoming quarters. Management has alluded to future events that will cause it to miss estimates. It said some customers won't purchase their next 256Mb memory chip coming out in early 2018 and will wait for the next one, the 1 Gb chip which will come out in late 2018/early 2019. We spoke with its investor relations representative who also suggested the company may miss

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