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Editors' Picks Daily: Investors Overhyping Amazon-Whole Foods, REIT Picks, And Weekend Roundup

by: SA Editor Jason Kirsch

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Our editors' selected articles for Monday include a few REIT plays, a compelling small cap with high upside and unfavored grocery chains.

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Picks of the Day

I'm Recommending This REIT With A Double-Digit Dividend Yield by Brad Thomas

Brad Thomas informs us that many outstanding loans originated at the peak of the pre-crisis market are scheduled to mature over the next few years. This will affect REIT investors, he argues. In this valuable article, Thomas presents some background on various REIT investments and includes a more detailed analysis on Apollo Commercial Finance (ARI).

Tags – REITS, Income Investing

5% Yield, Strong Growth Potential, And Sustainable Dividend Growth REIT Trading At A Substantial Discount by Colorado Wealth Management Fund

CWMF’s article presents a detailed analysis on Macerich (MAC), a small REIT with high quality properties which yields around 5% at today’s price. The author argues that the REIT is trading at a substantial discount to the fair market value of its net assets and has all the characteristics of a solid play in the space.

Tags – REITs, Income Investing

A Shopping Center REIT For Average Joe by Brad Thomas

In the second of three Brad Thomas articles in today’s daily roundup, the author details a play for those looking to invest in shopping center REITs. Thomas argues that, “In addition to a small geographic profile” Urstadt Biddle Properties (UBA), a REIT which concentrates on smaller, under the radar properties, has a healthy concentration of supermarket tenants. However, two other REITs which the author previously analyzed (Kimco Realty (NYSE:KIM) and Brixmor Property (NYSE:BRX)) seem to be the better option.

Tags – REITs, Income Investing

Infrastructure Becoming Mainstream REIT Sector by Brad Thomas

Brad Thomas argues that allocations to infrastructure REITS have been on the rise. Supported by a thorough analysis of popular players in the space, Thomas argues that investors who demand predictable cash flows should look into CorEnergy (CORR) and other infrastructure REITS such as American Tower (AMT), Crown Castle (CCI), and Power REIT (PW).

Tags – REITS, Income Investing

Precious Metals Monitor - September 2017 by ETF Securities

In this PDF report, Maxwell Gold of ETF Securities lays out his monthly Precious Metals Monitor report. In this comprehensive report, the analytics company discusses pertinent fundamental information and opinions on various precious metals, such as Gold (GLD), Silver (SLV), and Palladium (PALL).

Tags – Precious Metals, Commodities

Bitcoin As An Asset Class by Jeroen Blokland

It’s no secret that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a fascinating investment opportunity. Since the launch of the cryptocurrency nearly a decade ago, the number of ways to invest in Bitcoin has multiplied and so has the number of Bitcoin-specific exchanges. Jeroen Blokland discusses how cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular impact traditional investment portfolios. Blokland’s article is a must read for those interested in alternative assets.

Tags - Cryptocurrency, Alternative Assets

(Source: Del Frisco’s)

Del Frisco's: 20% Location Expansion, 15% Cost Reduction, And Meaningful Upside by Pinxter Analytics

In a highly convincing article, Pinxter Analytics discusses both the potential effects of Del Frisco’s (DFRG) going private and remaining in the public market. Either way, argues the author, the company “has tremendous growth opportunity in its developed and unpenetrated market.”

Tags – Long Ideas, Dividend Investing

PCI – Not For Me by Maks F.S.

Maks Financial Services presents us with a highly-detailed objective analysis of PIMCO’s Dynamic Credit and Mortgage Income Fund (PCI). This closed-end fund, trading slightly below its NAV, presents risks to investors without compensation and should be avoided.

Tags – Income Investing, Fixed Income, Closed End Fund

Don’t Believe The Hype by Eric Parnell

While Eric Parnell’s titles are generally short and simple, his analysis is anything but. By stepping back and taking an objective view of the grocer industry, Parnell argues that the Amazon-Whole Foods merger isn’t disrupting or going to disrupt it as much as some think. This is not to say that Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) isn’t a good investment, just that others are illogically hyping the merger. Parnell hints at Kroger (NYSE:KR) and Costco (NASDAQ:COST) as two players who have been hit hard and may present investors good value. In the end, Parnell wisely informs investors toremain diligent, do your own homework, ignore the short-term noise and pursue the substance while protecting against downside risk in working to achieve long-term success.

Tags – Long Ideas

Timing The Market Or Time In The Market Part 2: Revenge Of The Bargain Hunters by Investing Doc

In part two of Investing Doc’s series on portfolio strategy, the author analyzed whether dollar cost averaging beat other market timing strategies. By looking at historical price data and hypothetical examples, the author finds that dollar cost averaging may not be the better alternative since it doesn’t do well at protecting an investor’s downside. While there are a multitude of other factors to take into account before making an investment decision, the author’s findings may be interesting to some.

Tags - Portfolio Strategy

Risk Your Retirement For A Few (Potential) Percentage Points? Financial Advisors' Daily Digest by Gil Weinreich

In his Daily Digest, Seeking Alpha’s own Gil Weinreich discusses arguably the most important aspect of investing: risk management. Gil hunts the web to curate us with words of wisdom of the most credible financial professionals. Included in this report is advice about building a cash reserve and risk reduction during retirement. It’s a valuable read for retirees or those planning to retire in the near future.

Tags – Retirement Planning, Income Investing, Risk Management

Our Pro Pick Of The Day

Entercom: Tune In For 30% Upside From Transformative Merger by Uncorrelated Returns

In the Pro pick of the day, Uncorrelated Returns discusses how a transformational merger with CBS may turn an undervalued and underexposed small cap into a power player. The author argues that ETM’s leading properties in key markets presents the company with substantial upside. Our editors highly suggest this article to those looking for a compelling long idea.

Theme – Long Ideas, Small Cap

Weekend Roundup

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The Land Where Cash Is King by SA MarketplaceLNG, AMLP, AMZA

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Energy Recap: Is The Saudi Aramco International IPO In Doubt? by

SA Editor Michelle CariniUSO, UNG, OIL

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