Dividends: The Answer To Rising Healthcare Costs

Mar. 05, 2012 1:41 PM ETEXC, PEP, PG, SYY, XOM6 Comments
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As I lie here silently broken, a shell of a man I once was just hours ago before my back decided to give out, I can't help but think about anything other than that hefty dose of Ibuprofen I just took and when it'll begin to take hold. It's times like these in our lives that really allow us to appreciate good health, am I right? Boy, am I getting old.

Luckily I've been secretly stockpiling a collection of dividend-paying stocks over the past few years, which I hope will assist me and my handicapped back later on in life. As I explained in a recent article Why I Choose To Collect My Dividends As Cash, last year I received $1,337 in passive dividend income, which I reinvested and I expect to handily break the $1,500 mark in 2012. Where will my dividend stream be when I'm lying on my back waiting for my anti-inflammatory drug to take hold in 2065? I suppose the best we can do is guess at this point, but with the power of compounding -- alongside my power to aggressively save a significant portion of my salary -- will likely help aid my medical needs later on in life. Oh, and consistent rising dividend streams from faithful dividend-paying companies don't hurt, either.

Over the last few years, I've scoured Wall Street in hopes of finding companies that pay a sizable dividend in which I can reinvest. Lucky for me, I've actually found more companies to invest in than I have capital for, allowing me to make some tough choices, which required a good amount of research and legwork. Today I present to you some of my favorite companies, which have rewarded me generously to simply hold shares of their stock.

Exxon Mobil (XOM

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I'm an investor in his late thirties who knows how to have a good time and not live life too seriously. I'm an avid value investor, along with dollar cost averaging my retirement, though I occasionally jump off the beaten path and "gamble" on less certain assets.

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