Who To Follow: Investing With ETFs And Asset Allocation

by: David Jackson


Before I founded Seeking Alpha, I wrote a guide for individual investors about investing with ETFs.

That’s still my approach: focus on which ETFs to select, and the strategy or tactics for how to allocate your assets between them.

Here’s the list of 10 of my favorite Seeking Alpha authors for ETF investing and asset allocation.

Ploutos is an institutional investment manager with a CFA and an MBA from Chicago. I’ve been a loyal follower since he wrote an article showing that the S&P SmallCap 600 index consistently outperforms the Russell 2000 smallcap index, and explaining why. His articles are enjoyable and extraordinarily valuable.

Steven M. Williams addresses questions like: Which are the best bond ETFs? The best smallcap ETFs? The best value ETFs? The best hedges against a US market decline? His articles are focused and thoughtful.

Victor Haghani is a professional money manager who allocates assets to ETFs based on a value and momentum algorithm. He has excellent coverage of investment strategy, addressing issues like “Should you focus on fees or performance?” and “How best to get started - dive in all at once, average in over time, or to simply wait for a market correction?”

Scott's Investments writes about a handful of investment and asset allocation strategies, which can be implemented with ETFs, including Momentum, Dual Momentum, Dividend Champions, and the Ivy League Portfolio. If you haven’t read about these strategies, you should.

varan doesn't write articles, but comments frequently, and his comments are often more valuable than articles. He focuses on asset allocation, and has excellent insights into tactical allocation, such as the dual momentum approach.

Gil Weinreich writes the Financial Advisor’s Daily Digest. I’m not a financial advisor, but that doesn’t seem to matter: Gil covers issues like saving, asset allocation and investment strategy by quoting from interesting articles on Seeking Alpha. He points to interesting articles I often missed, and offers his own perspective, often injecting broader insights about life.

Russ Koesterich is a portfolio manager for BlackRock’s Global Allocation Fund, and a member of BlackRock’s Global Allocation team. As you can guess, he writes about asset classes and asset allocation strategies. His articles are rigorous and succinct, and often contain great charts.

Jeffrey Saut is Chief Investment Strategist at Raymond James. His writes every week, with a keen eye on what’s working, awareness of market technicals, and attention to upcoming news. He combines a longer-term context with sensitivity to short-term movements, so each of his updates contains a “call for the week.”

John Hussman runs the Hussman Fund, which focuses on valuation and momentum. He’s been bearish for much of the last few years’ runup in the market, and has taken a hit to his performance and flack from Seeking Alpha readers for that. But he’s smart and considered, and his views still deserve consideration.

Wall Street Breakfast isn’t specifically for ETF investors or asset allocators. It’s simply the best daily summary of the financial news.

To follow any of these people, click on the “Follow” button at the top of their articles or on the author page I’ve linked to. You’ll then find their new articles and comments on the People page on the website and in the “Analysis” tab of the Seeking Alpha mobile app.

Did I miss anyone? Please post your own recommendation for “Who To Follow: Investing With ETFs and Asset Allocation” in the comments below. Make sure to include a link to the author’s profile page, so readers can click through easily.

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