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November 2017 Stock Considerations

Nov. 03, 2017 3:59 AM ETHRL, GIS, GE, PEAK, LTC, VFC25 Comments
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Boy, one thing is certain... No one could have predicted that we'd be seeing the stock market at all-time record highs one full year after the U.S. elections. In fact, if memory serves correct, there was a lot of uncertainty about the future of America as two polar candidates aimed to take the helm of this great ship. Reading blog posts, I recall many selling some or all of their portfolio holdings in the months leading up to the November elections waiting for the inevitable correction to occur. Yes, we'll see big market declines in the future, but I can assure you that we'll all be blindsided when it comes. Just look at how many international, political, financial and social threats that have cropped up over the past twelve months. And where are we market-wise... all time record highs.

You can't make this stuff up. On paper, there have been dozens of issues that could have derailed this market, but nothing has slowed its momentum. The left-leaning anti-Trump movement is still in full swing (just imagine if they actually worked with the president to get a lot of his agenda easily passed... we'd be a lot further along), the far right continues to make its message clear, and by all accounts, we're still riding high. Sure, the headlines continually read doom and gloom about all the things that could derail this market. Certain technical readings look scary - the bull market is "long in the tooth," it was a long-term "jobless recovery," etc. In other words, I hear, "Blah, blah, blah and I think blah, blah." Tune it out. Your portfolio value will go up and it will go down. If your aim is building an ever-growing passive income stream, tune it all out.

With that being said, it's clear that

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I’m an early 40′s Internet entrepreneur that launched several dot coms with varying success in each. At the very least my living has been made online for the past 18 years and at the most I had a fun time in each venture.I began seriously investing for dividend income around 2007 when my business at the time was literally falling off a cliff, as most of the world was starting too as well, when my need for another income stream became more apparent. I have always known the benefits of dividends from my very first stock purchase back in 1988 but wasn't yet sold on the concept of tying up my money indefinitely purely for a dividend income stream. It was around that time that I learned about Dividend Aristocrats and Dividend Champions when it all just made sense. I could literally see the effects of compounding dividends from these select companies and thought a nice diversified portfolio could provide me with a decent to excellent income stream decades down the road.

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