Editors' Picks Daily: Is Downsizing A Fad?

by: SA Editor Jason Kirsch

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Our editors' selected articles for Friday include a few Oil & Gas plays, Fed discussion, and a reason to short Tesla.

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Picks of the Day

Centerra Acquires Aurico Metals, But Will There Be A Competing Bid? by SomeBull

While news broke that Centerra Gold (OTCPK:CAGDF) is acquiring Aurico Metals (OTCPK:ARCTF), contributor SomeBull believes that the company intends to resell it after the deal closes. Because of this, a Osisko Gold may submit a competing bid. What does this mean for investors? Read the article to find out!

Tags - Mergers & Acquisitions

Obvious Solutions To Retirement Challenges: Financial Advisors' Daily Digest by SA Gill Weinreich

In today's Financial Advisors' Daily Digest, SA Gil Weinreich discusses retirement issues regarding health. He also lists articles from contributors that are geared toward capital preservation, a topic most retirees are interested in.

Tags - Retirement Advice

Commerzbank Takeover Drums: A Bet That Makes Sense by The First Mover

According to contributor The First Mover, Commerzbank AG (OTCPK:CRZBF) is a strong takeover target. Because of this, The First Mover recommends that investors take a further look. What are the odds of a takeover? You'll have to read the article to find out.

Tags - Mergers & Acquisitions

Tesla Approaches Terminal Decline by Andreas Hopf

Contributor Andreas Hopf argues that deteriorating financial performance is making Tesla's (TSLA) ability to profit less likely. While the company still has its loyal supporters, the author believes that there are too many reasons to be bearish on Tesla.

Tags - Short Ideas

Strategy For RIV's Rights Offering (+Comparison With UTG) by Stanford Chemist

Should you subscribe to the RiverNorth Opportunities Fund (RIV) rights offering? According to contributor Stanford Chemist, yes, but only below a certain discount. In this detailed analysis, the author presents us with a near-complete take on this opportunity.

Tags - Rights

Macquarie Infrastructure Corp.: Overlooked And Complicated? Yes. Already A 50-Bagger? Yes by George Fisher

According to contributor George Fisher, Macquarie Infrastructure Corp. (MIC) is a strong buy. In this detailed analysis, Fisher presents us with a comprehensive take on the infrastructure investment company. In the end, he recommends that the company is "is a relatively complicated, mostly overlooked income investment with the potential for share prices to rebound to $90 a share over time and to continue its above-average tax-advantaged distribution growth."

Tags - Dividend Ideas

Market Correction Catalyst: The Death Of A Value Salesman by The Knife Catcher

Due to the fact that Value strategies have underperformed Growth, many investors are considering whether the age of Value investing has ended. Contributor The Knife Catcher agrees. According to him, it's time to "throw in the towel and get bitten by FAANG."

Tags - Portfolio Strategy, Value Investing, Growth Investing

Advantage Oil And Gas's Coast Advantages Are Fully Priced by David Addison

According to contributor David Addison, Advantage Oil & Gas (AAV-OLD) is a high-quality oil and gas play. In this article, the author argues that strong management, natural upside in demand and the possibility of a few strong positive catalysts makes this name a buy. While it's not trading for cheap, per se, the company's "operational margin of safety will lead to long term value creation."

Tags - Commodities, Oil & Gas, Long Ideas

Overstock: Misplaced Investor Euphoria Will End With Losses by Xuhua Zhou

Overstock.com, Inc (OSTK) is a risky play, according to contributor Xuhua Zhou. In this article, the author argues that retail investors are largely misunderstanding major pieces of information about Overstock. Overtime, this could lead to big losses (50%, according to the author).

Tags - Short Ideas

Federal Reserve Watch: Downsizing Takes Time by John M Mason

Contributor John M. Mason provides us with his take on the potential effects of Fed action on the markets going forward. While it is reducing the size of its balance sheet, the Fed is affecting the market in a certain way. How so? Read his article to find out.

Tags - Market Outlook, Economy

A Nightmare To Remember: ECB And American Consumers Not Reliable by Howard Wiener

In this article, contributor Howard Wiener discusses current economic data and what it means for investors going forward. He talks about consumer spending, interest rates, buybacks and FED decisions that will influence the markets in the near-to-long term. Wiener's article is a must read for all investors.

Tags - Market Outlook, Economy

How Fiat Chrysler Crafts Profits In Unique Ways: The Curious Case Of The Dodge Durango by Anton Wahlman

Contributor Anton Wahlman presents us with evidence showing how the market is underappreciating Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' (FCAU) ability to "yield profitable financial outcomes despite less R&D and green driverless investment than its peers." He goes on to explain how investors should play the name. Click the link for more details.

Tags - Comprehensive Analysis

Pro Pick Of The Day

Applied Genetic Technologies Corp.: A Forgotten Net-Net With Clear Upside Catalysts by Dan Stringer

In our Pro Pick Of The Day, contributor Don Stringer discusses Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation (AGTC). In his view, the company has "clear upside" and is trading at "just half its cash balance." Recent bearish activity has made this play attractively priced and a good opportunity for long-term investors.

Tags - Long Ideas

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