A Closer Look At Your Favorite Investing Gurus

by: Phil Town

As promised, we are back this week to continue discussing investing gurus in the market that you can model your own investing off of. Join us as we dive in and take a closer look at Phil's curated list of gurus he has created and why he chose them.

In Episode 141 You’ll Learn:

How did Phil choose his list of gurus?

  1. First by starting off with well-known value investors.
  2. Are they investing in a small number of companies or are they diversifying across a hundred companies?
  3. Looking for investors with a refined focus on a few companies.
  4. By looking for investors who have bought a small number of companies with a large position, but if they own other various companies with a smaller position that is okay as well.
  5. With careful attention to not misread some people’s investments as they may be matched with other stocks that you cannot see in their fund.

Who is Ted Weschler & Todd Combs?

  1. Two investors who are managing a 10% of the Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK.A) (NYSE:BRK.B) portfolio which totals at 182 million, giving Ted & Todd 18 million to invest with.
  2. This makes looking at Buffett’s portfolio more difficult to understand as you don’t know who necessarily bought which stock.

Charlie Munger

  1. He has not bought anything for 3 years, presumably because the market is too high for what he is interested in; currently has 4 stocks with 200 million dollars in them, making him highly focused on what he believes to be most important.

Benjamin Graham

  1. Author of The Intelligent Investor who is to be considered the father of value investing. His style of investing required a great deal of time in the market, much like a full-time job, as opposed to Buffett who encourages “the less you do, the more you make” method.

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