Video: Back-Tests Vs. Walk-Forward Tests And The PE Ratio

by: Brian M. Nelson, CFA


Brian Nelson talks about his views with respect to back-tests vs. walk-forward tests as it relates to studying strategies or the stock market.

He talks about how important it is to understand that back-tests may have a "foregone conclusion" embedded within them, while walk-forward analysis generally tests a hypothesis on a go-forward basis.

The price-to-earnings ratio is a key area that is worth talking about, and Nelson digs into why investors should stop using it.

Hi folks,

This is the eighth episode of a series that I have started called "Off the Cuff," where I get in front of the camera and talk for about 10 minutes each episode. It's low-tech, I know - but it's "authen-tech." I like that. I'll do my best to incorporate feedback and questions going forward, so stay tuned. We have a number of the videos already filmed. We're now up to 13 content-packed videos!

In this episode (episode 8), I talk about my views with respect to back-tests versus walk-forward tests. Back-tested studies, in my view, aren't as valuable as walk-forward studies that test a hypothesis on a go-forward basis. For example, in back-tested studies, there may already be a "foregone conclusion" embedded in the numbers, while walk-forward studies generally test a hypothesis surrounding an idea, concept, or strategy ("out of sample"). The episode also goes into the price-to-earnings ratio and why investors should stop using it.

Give these videos and the discussions time to get warmed up. They're not made to be fancy. I don't like bells and whistles. They're made to be conversational. I hope you enjoy this eighth episode and those that follow. Let me know what you think. Don't forget to comment. Thanks!

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