Equity Funds Post For Q4 2017 A Ninth Consecutive Quarter Of Plus-Side Returns

by: Tom Roseen

For Q4 2017, equity funds (+4.85% on average) posted their ninth consecutive quarterly gain.

The U.S. Diversified Equity (USDE) Funds macro-classification (+5.12%) jumped to the top of the leader board for the first quarter in four, followed by World Equity Funds (+4.94%).

The Sector Equity Funds macro-classification housed four of the six worst-performing classifications in the equity universe for Q4, with Global Health/Biotechnology Funds (-1.73%) being the group laggard.

For 2017, the average equity mutual fund posted an eye-popping return of 20.38%, with the World Equity Funds macro-classification (+28.53%) posting its strongest one-year return since 2009.

Spurred by hopes of tax reform, growth in corporate profits, a better-than-expected November nonfarm-payrolls report, and an economic environment that remained good for stocks, investors pushed the equity markets to the plus-side for December. And, for Q4 2017, the average equity fund posted a positive return of 4.85%, with Lipper’s U.S. Diversified Equity Funds macro-classification (+5.12%) moving to the top of the four major equity groups for the first quarter in four. In this segment, I highlight the December, fourth quarter, and 2017 performance results for equity mutual funds and ETFs.

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