Bitcoin: Bullish Reversal Signals Are Forming And $19,000 Is Doable

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  • Bitcoin has corrected by 46% of the huge move from November to December.
  • There are a few early signals that a reversal may be in the works.
  • In this article, we'll look at those bullish signals and the path that Bitcoin might take on its way to $19,000 again.

In my last two articles, we looked into the fundamental backdrop that's impacting blockchain technology, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies in general.

In this article is a price analysis to determine where Bitcoin stands in relation to the overall medium-to-long-term trend. In my opinion, there are a few early bullish signals flashing that indicate a potential push higher back to $19,000.

Any rise will bode well for those investing in the Bitcoin Investment Trust (OTCQX:GBTC) or following the ongoing developments if the first Bitcoin ETF through the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust ETF (COIN).

Bitcoin Price Action from November:

After rising 250%, BTC corrected with a 46% fall that would normally be considered backbreaking for any other instrument.

Bitcoin bounced higher by 36% off the most recent bottom on December 22nd.

It has since pulled back somewhat to current levels.

Does the 46% correction mean the end of the rally?

The daily chart below shows just how important Fibonacci levels are to traders for determining entries and exits. A Fib. level is merely a correction measured in percentage terms.

Two of the key Fib. levels are the 50% and the 61.8% levels. Popular entry strategies include going long at a key Fib. level while simultaneously placing a stop-loss order below the next Fib. level.

With the bounce off the 61.8% level (circled in green below), Bitcoin rallied hard after being pushed down to its lows on December 22nd.

The rally formed the wick of the candle circled and may be a sign of a reversal. Why? Sellers drove BTC down in December, but buyers looking to enter long positions jumped at the opportunity to get in at the key 61.8% level. The result was BTC bounced, as buyers took control of the market thus forming the wick.

If Bitcoin creates another higher high

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