How To Find The Hidden Value In An Egotistic Market (Chris DeMuth)

by: Brian Bain


Why his confidence in the U.S. Dollar fell to 90%.

Thoughts on Bitcoin and valuing freedom.

The flash sale in parent subsidiary stub trades.

The role of investor as investigative reporter.

How to invest like a Navy SEAL.

Chris DeMuth is a leading contributor on Seeking Alpha and one of 21 Seeking Alpha Contributors participating in the January 2018 DIY Investing Summit (January 22-25).

His interview is titled, "How To Find The Hidden Value In An Egotistic Market."

One of the questions I asked Chris was what his investing process looks like, and how he generates research ideas. He talks about the importance of complexity for creating market inefficiencies.

He also discusses what it looks like to be an investment detective and always asking the question, "where might value be hidden."

Interview Preview:

This is just a small excerpt of what's covered in the interview.

The interview is full of detailed tips on Chris DeMuth's core investment strategies, top advice for DIY investors and specific ways he's positioning for 2018.

Enjoy the full interview with Chris DeMuth and other top investors on Seeking Alpha.

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Full list of summit contributors:

Chris DeMuth, Bret Jensen, Brad Thomas, Eric Parnell, Ian Bezek, Richard Berger, Dividend Sensei, Mark Bern, Mark Hibben, J Mintzmyer, William Koldus, Avi Gilburt, Alpha Gen Capital, Mike Nadel, Kirk Spano, Bhavneesh Sharma, Darren McCammon, The Fortune Teller, Philip Davis, and Colorado Wealth Management

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