Bitcoin: Not A Store Of Value But A Creator Of It, And Perhaps Not A Bubble After All


  • There has never been anything quite like a Bitcoin.
  • Microsoft has appreciated by over 100,000%, Berkshire Hathaway is up by an impressive 1,700,000% but Bitcoin is up by a staggering 500,000,000% since its infamous "Pizza Transaction".
  • No asset in history has appreciated so rapidly. Therefore, Bitcoin is different, thus we can expect it to behave differently, and this does not necessarily mean that it's a bubble.
  • People are right when they say Bitcoin is not a store of value, at this stage of Bitcoin's development process Bitcoin is still the creator of value.
  • Here is a revolutionary thought that's not discussed very often. Who said that Bitcoin had to be in a bubble, what if it's not in one, and never will be?


Bitcoin: Not A Store Of Value But A Creator Of It Instead, And Why Does It Have To Be In A Bubble?

It’s been a difficult several weeks for Bitcoin (COIN). The coveted digital asset has fallen by nearly 50% in the last 5 weeks, erasing roughly $140 billion of its market value in the process. Many people may consider such staggering losses as the beginning of the end for Bitcoin, a Bitcoin bear market, the final prick in the “Bitcoin Bubble.” However, the truth is that we are likely still very far from the real Bitcoin bubble, and what we are witnessing now is a healthy correction process that is about to present Bitcoin believers with a tremendous buying opportunity.

Bitcoin 1-Year Chart

Bitcoin: Not Your Father’s Berkshire Hathaway Stock

Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A) is often looked up at as one of the most successful companies in corporate American history. In fact, if we take its estimated “IPO” price in 1964 of roughly $19, we can see that Berkshire’s share price grew by an astounding 1,705,000% to a current price of about $324,000. If we compare that to Microsoft’s (MSFT) split adjusted IPO price of roughly $0.09 in 1986, the stock has gained about 102,000%, as its stock has climbed to $92 through the years.

Impressively, if you’d invested $1,000 in MSFT in 1986 you would have over a million dollars today. Even more impressively, if you had invested $1,000 in Berkshire in 1964 you would have a whopping $17 million today. However, if you had gotten into Bitcoin when Laszlo Hanyecz made his now infamous two pizza purchase using 10,000 BTCs your $1000 investment would have shot up by 500,000,000% and would be worth a mind blowing $5 billion today. To be

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