Investors Can't Ignore This Clear Sign Of A Stock Market Bubble

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  • Rapid growth compared to historical averages can look like the sign of a bubble forming.
  • When you put stock markets in a long-term perspective they don't look like a bubble.
  • Individual stocks may rise quickly but that could be a sign that they have real value rather than being a bubble.
  • It pays to be cautious. You also need to be aware of where there is real growth potential.

The other day I saw a comment on social media saying "index funds are a bubble". After a civil and thoughtful discussion I got some more details.

Apparently this graph was cause for concern:


When you put it beside a chart of any major stock market index such as the S&P 500 (SPY) the resemblance is clear:

(source: Google Finance)

With a rise that quick in recent years, how can it be anything other than the early stages of a bubble?

I did a quick experiment. I took a clip showing another quick rise, and got confirmation that it does indeed look like a bubble that's forming:

(source: Google Finance)

That looks like a dangerous situation! In fact it comes from this chart of the DJIA (DIA) -- the segment shown above is circled in red:

(source: Google Finance)

Chart Blindness

It turns out that this is not in fact a sign of a bubble forming.

You know those maps that make Greenland look like the biggest country in the world? That's not true, it's just what happens when you draw a sphere inside a rectangle. Areas near the poles look much larger than they really are. Despite the error those maps are still common.

Price charts are similar. They make changes from a higher starting price look bigger than they really are. It's just what happens when you draw a compounding (exponential) series of prices in a linear chart.

The early years of compounding look like nothing is changing much, when compared to a later period after it has really built up. A 10% change from a price of $2,600 looks a lot bigger than a 10% change from a price of $260. This is an illusion but the charts are still everywhere.

If we didn't expect exponential

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