Weekly Best Idea Launch - Active Asset Allocators Take Note!

by: Topdown Charts

The Weekly Best Idea report brings you some of the best ideas from our institutional research service, but at a more accessible price.

It's aimed at active asset allocators and delivers a mix of investment ideas, risk management input, and meaningful macro insights.

We take a holistic, multi-variable approach i.e., macro + fundamentals + technicals.  Heavily data-driven and chart-focused, but transparent and easy to see how the pieces fit together.

Each week, we select the best (or most relevant, or most unusual!) idea from our institutional research reports (our clients include hedge funds, family offices, pension companies, wealth managers).

(Editors' Note: This article is meant as an introduction for Weekly Best Idea, a new Marketplace service by Topdown Charts).

The Weekly Best Idea report presents some of the best ideas from our global asset allocation and economics research service.

Each week, we deliver a range of either pure investment ideas, risk management input, or meaningful macro insights.

This is supplemented with occasional special insights/priority alerts, and ad-hoc updates (in response to requests from subscribers, or to add further detail, and for clarifications).

The context is that of an unconstrained active asset allocator with a global scope. So, the topics will range from individual commodities to global equities, and individual countries and sectors. The key traditional asset classes will be covered as well as a few non-traditional ones - depending where the big opportunities and risks are.

The reports are chart-focused, and we aim for a balance of brevity but without missing the key details.

Why did we launch and why should you care?

We've had a lot of interest in our work but for a long time have lacked an affordable option for those who want access to institutional research but without the institutional price tag. Thanks to Seeking Alpha's Marketplace, we can now offer this. And the great thing is this platform provides an ideal way to interact with the reports.

The focus of the research is to be at all times: Clear, Concise, and Insightful. This means you get the key conclusions without having to wade through pages of writing, and being very much chart-focused it not only helps with saving time but also allows you to draw your own conclusions as we bring you vital pieces of the puzzle that you will not get anywhere else.

I can make this claim because not only do we have access to data that most bloggers don't have, we also run a set of proprietary indicators and have an intense focus on innovation. So, many of the charts and insights will be completely fresh, which is important in a competitive endeavor such as actively managing a portfolio of investments.

Research process and scope

We look across economies, industries, and sectors, and, in particular, provide unparalleled global-level economic insights. This helps inform our views across the major asset classes, as well as individual countries, sectors, regions, and individual commodities and currencies. We see the world in the eyes of an unconstrained active asset allocator, yet remain grounded in the key principles of asset allocation.

You can learn more about our process and the service by Clicking Here. But a brief summary of our key beliefs is listed below:

  1. With good research and process active asset allocation can add value
  2. Relying on one indicator is risky (technicals vs. fundamentals vs. macro)
  3. Different indicators take on different importance through the cycle
  4. Risk management is just as important as swinging for the fences
  5. Charts/Data/Indicators can help drive intelligent investment decisions
  6. It's better to make decisions on what we can observe vs. forecast
  7. Making money is more important than "being right"
  8. Investing is a competitive endeavor: innovation is vital

Who is behind it?

Callum Thomas is the founder and Head of Research at Topdown Charts. His background is in multi-asset investment management in New Zealand and Australia, with a focus on investment strategy and economics. Being down in that little corner of the world forces you to focus on the global picture.

Callum was part of the asset allocation team at AXA Global Investors in New Zealand and was brought across to AMP Capital following the takeover of AXA's Australasian business by AMP in 2011. Prior to that, he worked in strategy at the New Zealand Stock Exchange.

He left to start Topdown Charts because of his passion for research and desire to build a business. His aim for the business is to provide a world class institutional research offering, with a distinctive chart focus and top-down perspective on multi-asset investing.

How do I sign up? (or learn more)

Just click through to the Weekly Best Idea on Marketplace. Aside from having more detail on the service, here, you can either take a 2-week free trial to see what it's about, or just go ahead and sign up.

Thanks, and looking forward to chatting about the weekly best idea!

Best regards,
Callum Thomas
Head of Research and Founder of Topdown Charts

Disclosure: I/we have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.