TIP: Currently Preferred To Cash And GLD

About: iShares TIPS Bond ETF (TIP), Includes: GLD
by: Viking Analytics

The recent stock market correction has been attributed in part to rising interest rates (and falling bond prices).

CBOT Bond Futures remain above trendline support.  Bonds often sell off and/or correct first quarter.

TIP has significantly diverged from GLD over the past year.

iShares reports that TIP has a current real yield of over 0.61%.

It is possible that TIP will outperform GLD over the next year.

The recent stock market sell-off is viewed by many market analysts to be triggered by at least two things: 1) a rise in interest rates, and 2) a rise in the VIX (e.g. stock volatility index). These narratives certainly make sense.

We also are hearing near-daily calls about the "end of the bond bubble." Perhaps these calls are accurate. On the other hand, one might view the recent sell-off in bonds to be typical first quarter action and mean-reversion within an upward trend. CBOT Bond futures, for example, have not yet fallen below weekly trendline support, as shown below.

The iShares TIPs Bond ETF (TIP) is an ETF that invests in inflation-protected treasury bonds. Specifically, the interest rate that an investor will earn from an investment in TIP will be protected if inflation rises unexpectedly.

We can see below how TIP has close correlation with the value of the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD). However, these two ETFs began to diverge in mid 2017, and the divergence began to accelerate at the end of 2017. This is one of the potential "canaries in the gold mine" that suggests that gold is gaining more prominence as a safe haven.

Is the "monetary reset" on the horizon? If so, then the divergence between TIP and GLD might be viewed in hindsight as a harbinger of it. If a monetary reset results in high inflation in the U.S., TIP might perform well, since its yields are protected. Moreover, if there's a systemic financial shock, then it is not likely that all certificate holders in GLD will be made whole (this should spark a vigorous defense below). Paper metals don't have the same safe haven characteristics as physical metals.

If we assume for a moment that we are NOT witnessing the end of the fiat monetary system, then one might expect TIP to recover and perhaps even outperform GLD over the next year, as the two ETFs revert to a mean relationship.

iShares reports that the current real yield in its portfolio is 0.61%. That's certainly better than cash or a money market investment.
Source: iShares


I believe that it is reasonable to convert some cash to TIP for a portfolio-type allocation. If we are on the cusp of a "monetary reset," then TIP might be just as good as GLD (if GLD certificate holders are not all made whole). If we are not heading toward a monetary reset, then TIP may outperform GLD over the next year if the two ETFs revert to a mean relationship.

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